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    Smoke Detector Alarm Price List

    A smoke alarm is an electronic device that monitors the concentration of smoke to prevent fires. There will be a smoke sensor in the smoke inlet to detect smoke particles in the air, the horn hole is used to generate a high-pitched alarm sound when an alarm is issued, and the self-test/silence button is used for self-test of the equipment and cancellation of the alarm. There will be an indicator light on each smoke alarm, and the red light will flash regularly. When the smoke alarm is in normal working condition, the indicator light will flash regularly (about 1 minute). Once an alarm occurs, the indicator light will flash quickly or stay on, accompanied by a buzzer.

    ATO provides you with different types of smoke alarms, such as co, co2, o2 gas detection alarms, or photoelectric, wireless, explosion-proof and household smoke alarms. The detector is suitable for places where there is a lot of smoke when a fire occurs, but there is no smoke under normal conditions, such as industrial and civil buildings such as restaurants, hotels, teaching buildings, office buildings, computer rooms, communication rooms, library and archives. Next, we will provide you with the price list of smoke detection alarms on the ATO store website

     ATO Smoke Alarm Price List

    Product SKU Price Detection Function
    CO smoke alarm ATO-SMOKE-PT03C $111.62

    Smoke/Smoke & WIFI (CO)

    ATO- SMOKE-PT01 $120.23 WIFI/Smoke/Smoke & WIFI (CO2)
    ATO-PT05 $213.77 Temperature, Humidity, WIFI (O2)


    Product SKU Price Detection Function
    Photoelectric smoke alarm ATO-SMOKE-RS411 $90.39 Photoelectric & hardwired
    ATO-SMOKE-LOT $64.23 Wireless & photoelectric
    ATO-SMOKE-B603 $171.92 Explosion proof & fire
    ATO-SMOKE-JY909COM $56.85 Dual sensor (CO)

    Smoke alarm installation precautions

    Before installation, you must first determine its installation location. Do not install it in a humid environment, nor install it in a place where smoke remains, such as the kitchen, to avoid false alarms.

    When installing, it should be installed on the ceiling. If it is installed on a sloping roof, an appropriate distance between the smoke detector and the roof should be maintained. When the roof slope is lower than 30 degrees, the distance should be about 0.2 meters. When the roof slope is higher than 30 degrees, the distance should be about 0.2 meters. , and the spacing should be between 0.3 and 0.5 meters.

    When installing, it must be wired correctly so as not to affect its normal use. After installation, don't forget to try it out so that problems can be found in time.

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