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    Electric Pressure Washer Price List

    Electric pressure washer is a machine that flushes the surface of objects by making the high pressure plunger pump produce high pressure water through the power device. It can peel off dirt, wash away, to achieve the purpose of cleaning the surface of the object. Because it is the use of high-pressure water column to clean dirt, so high pressure cleaning is also recognized as one of the most scientific, economic, environmental protection cleaning ways.

    ATO provides a wide range of electric power washer, such as 1600 psi electric pressure washer, 2500 psi electric pressure washer, 2600 psi electric pressure washer. ATO mobile electric power washer is widely used in housing, commercial and industrial, efficient cleaning of car, metal, concrete and brick, wooden surface, grill, and boat, reducing your burden. In the following, we will show the price list of electric pressure washer in ATO online shop.

    ATO Electric Pressure Washer Price List:

    Product SKU Power Pressure Price
    Electric pressure washer price list ATO-EPW-1600 2.2 kW 1600 psi $1,364.62
    ATO-EPW-2500 3.1 kW 2500 psi $1,459.86
    ATO-EPW-2600 4.7 kW 2600 psi $1,789.62

    Types of Electric Pressure Washer:

    Electric pressure washer can be divided into commercial, domestic and industrial electric pressure washer by application. First, domestic high-pressure cleaners generally have a lower pressure, flow rate and life (generally within 100 hours), and they pursue portability, flexibility, and simple operation. Second, commercial high-pressure cleaners have higher requirements for parameters, and are used frequently and for a long time, so they generally have a longer life. Third, industrial high-pressure cleaners often have special requirements in addition to the general requirements. Water cutting is a good example. Electric pressure washer is high quality and can be used in home, commercial and industrial.

    According to the requirements of the occasion, the high pressure washer can also be divided into hot water, cold water and steam. Generally, most markets are of the cold water type and can be used by pouring the tap into room temperature water. However, some business sites need to be washed with hot water, which is not conducive to the discharge of sewage, and even requires the use of high-pressure cleaners. When you buy a washing machine at a special price, if you use cold water to inject hot water, internal parts including the pump will be quickly damaged, and it is not worth using candles.

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