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    Dynamometer Price List

    A dynamometer is a mechanical measuring instrument used to measure thrust memory pull tests. Utilize the elasticity of metal to make marked scales to measure the size of the force. The dynamometer can be used for push-pull load testing in industries such as electronic appliances, light industry textiles, architectural hardware, lighters and ignition devices, fire-fighting equipment, pens, locks, fishing gear, power machinery, scientific research institutions, etc.

    In the ATO, dynamometers can be divided into digital force gauges, pointer dynamometers (Mechanical force gauge) and so on. Next, ATO will provide you with the of dynamometer price list.

    Dynamometer price list

    Product SKU Price  Capacity
    Waterproof Wireless Dynamometer ATO-GWD500 $950.23  5 ton/10 ton/ 20 ton 30 ton to 200 ton
    Wireless Dynamometer with Shackle ATO-GWD400 $841.31  1 ton, 2 ton, 3 ton to 200 ton
    Digital Force Gauge 2 kN ATO-HA $516.38  2 kN/ 3 kN/ 4 kN to 2000 kN
    Digital Force Gauge 2N ATO-HA $227.31  2N/ 3N/ 5N to 1000N
    Push Pull Force Gauge ATO-DF $124.23  10N/ 20N/30N to 500N
    Mechanical Force Gauge ATO-NK $113.46  20N/ 30N/ 50N to 500N

    The structure of the dynamometer includes three parts: the shell, the central axis, and the spring. Dynamometers come in a variety of constructions, but their main component is a curved, resilient steel leaf or helical spring. When the external force deforms the elastic steel sheet or spring, the pointer is driven to rotate through a transmission mechanism such as a lever, and the position where the pointer stops on the dial is the value of the external force.

    Features of different dynamometers

    The digital force gauge shows a high load rate and is easy to use. It can be connected to a computer to simultaneously display the experimental force curve and test process records. It is a new generation of high-precision load push-pull test equipment.

    Digital force gauge features:

    Digital force gauge

    1. High precision and high resolution dynamometer, automatic shutdown time setting function.
    2. Battery capacity display function, 6-digit large-screen display.
    3. Backlight function, LCD liquid crystal display flip function.
    4. There are six test modes and three display modes to choose from—improving test efficiency. N (Newton), kg (kilogram), and lb (pound) are available for selection and mutual conversion.
    5. Gravity acceleration setting function - the user can input the exact value of the gravity acceleration of the place of use. Make tests and unit conversions more accurate.
    6. Peak hold function. Keep peak display until manually cleared.
    7. Data storage function.
    8. Data output function, the data can be input into the computer through the data line for various analysis.
    9. Green and environmentally friendly, it will automatically shut down if there is no operation in a few minutes.
    10. Automatic peak function, dynamometer keep displaying the peak value for a few seconds and then release it automatically.
    11. The upper and lower limits and comparative values can be set for statistical analysis.
    12. High-quality charging power supply. The charging voltage is available from 100V to 240V, which can be adapted to most domestic and foreign regions. There are short circuit, leakage, overload protection.

    The pointer dynamometer is a high-precision small and portable tension and pressure testing instrument. The Mechanical pointer force gaugepointer dynamometer is used in electronics, high and low voltage electrical appliances, five-system locks, auto parts, viscose chemical industry, lighters and ignition devices, pen making, light industry , construction, textile, machinery and other industries and scientific research institutions for tension and compression load, insertion force, destructive test test, etc., it is a substitute for the old push-pull force gauge.

    Pointer dynamometer features:

    1. And the exquisite packaging makes the dynamometer easy to transport, store and maintain.
    2. Two units are displayed at the same time, no unit conversion is required, and it is suitable for the usage habits of various enterprises - Newton and kilogram dual units.
    3. Hand-held dynamometer design, easy to operate, and can be installed on various workbenches, and can also be adapted to various fixtures and tests of various domestic products.
    4. Pointer indication, reading, accuracy, high test accuracy.
    5. The real-time value indication of peak hold and load can be switched freely, using.
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