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    Crane Scale Price List

    A crane scale is a weighing instrument that makes an object in a suspended state to measure its mass (weight). Crane scales are generally used in iron and steel, metallurgy, factories and mines, cargo stations, logistics, fairs, workshops and other occasions that require loading and unloading, transportation, measurement, and settlement.

    ATO provides you with different types and ranges of crane scales, such as mini crane scales, electronic crane scales and industrial crane scales, etc. Here is crane scale price list in ATO store website.

    Crane scale price list

    Product SKU Price Capacity
    Mini crane scale ATO-CRS-500 $122.43 30kg/ 50kg/ 150kg/ 200kg/ 300kg to 500kg
    OCS crane scale ATO-CRS-20T $598.21 2 ton/ 3 ton/ 5 ton/ 10 ton/ 15 ton to 20 ton
    Digital crane scale ATO-CRS-50T $5025.13 30 ton/ 50 ton
    Hanging crane scale ATO-CRS-10T $682.85 1 ton/ 2 ton/ 3 ton/ 5 ton/ 10 ton
    Wireless crane scale ATO-CRS-1000 $351.15 50kg/ 100kg/ 200kg/ 300kg/ 500kg to 1000kg
    Industrial crane scale ATO-GWD800 $2103.69 5 ton/ 10 ton/ 15 ton to 50 ton

    Common crane scales in daily life

    Direct display crane scale with a scale body, that is to say, the sensor and the scale body are integrated, and there is a display screen, which can intuitively read the weighing data. It is suitable for entry and exit statistics, inventory control, weight weighing, etc.Mini crane scale

    In logistics warehouses, industrial and mining enterprises, processing workshops, bazaars, cargo station transportation and other fields. Direct display crane scales generally have the functions of automatic accumulation, tare, remote tare, value hold, display division value, overload limit, underload reminder, and low power alarm.

    Wireless crane scale is generally composed of a wireless instrument, a scale body, a trolley, a wireless transmitter, a wireless receiver (inside the instrument), a charger, an antenna, and a battery. Hang the ring of the crane scale on the hook of the crane. When the object is hung on the hook of the crane scale, the sensor in the scale body is deformed by the tension, and then the current changes, and the changed current is converted into an electrical signal by A/D, and then the transmitter sends out the radio signal, and the receiver receives the signal and then transmits it to the meter, which is converted and calculated by the meter, and finally displayed.Wireless crane scale

    Wireless crane scales generally have automatic measurement, energy-saving operation, remote operation, peeling, accumulation, cumulative display, backlight, data retention, storage, setting printing, query, intelligent control, adjustable division value, adjustable signal frequency, and failure rate. Low, overload alarm, anti-cheating, easy maintenance and other features. Different wireless crane scales can adapt to different usage environments. Wireless steel structure electronic crane scales are widely used in loading and unloading of goods in harsh industrial and mining occasions such as railway terminals, iron and steel metallurgy, energy mines, factories and mines.

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