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    Digital Crane Scale 30 ton/50 ton

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    Digital crane scale with seamless steel pipe housing has a 5 digits red LED display with optional weighing units kg / lbs and a wireless infrared remote controller. Crane scale has high capacity 30000kg (30 ton) / 50000kg (50 ton), accuracy standartd OIML class III, protection class IP65, battery continuous operation time 100 hours, can be used for weighing under overhead crane or heavy duty lifting equipment in the process of lifting, loading or unloading.
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    Crane scale with 5 digits red LED display has capacity 30000kg (30 ton) or 50000kg (50 ton), optional weighing units kilograms (kg) or pounds (lbs), rechargeable battry with 100 hours continuous operation time.


    1. Crane scale with seamless steel pipe housing has higher security and protection class IP65.
    2. Digital crane scale doesn't occupy the space and can realize effective monitoring and control.
    3. It makes the metering work in the process of lifting, loading and unloading and carry out continuously, saving manpower, time and cost.
    4. The operation and calibration of crane scale is simple.
    5. Digital crane scale has multi-functions, high precision, strong anti-cheating ability and low maintenance cost.
    6. Customizable monitoring mode: RS232 interface for long distance monitoring, wireless large screen and wireless indicator.


    Model ATO-CRS-GSP911-30 ATO-CRS-GSP911-50
    Capacity * 30000kg (30 ton) 50000kg (50 ton)
    Shipping weight 115kg 330kg
    Division value 10kg 20kg
    Number of division Standard number of division: 2000 to 3000, maximum number of division: 15000
    Accuracy standard According to OIML class III
    Display 5 digits red LED display, 45mm (1.8") font height
    Filtering Optional low / medium / high
    Units Optional kg / lbs
    Zero range 4%F.S.
    Tare range 100%F.S.
    Overload display 100%F.S.+9e
    Maximum safety load 125%F.S.
    Ultimate load 400%F.S.
    Housing material Seamless steel pipe (powder coated)
    Protection class IP65
    Battery of crane scale Fully sealed lead acid battery, 6V/7Ah
    Battery continuous operation time ≥100 hours
    Battary charger Input: AC 100V-240V, output: DC 9V/1000mA
    Operating temperature -20~+50℃ (-4~+122℉)
    Operating humidity ≤85%RH under 20℃ (68℉)
    Functions Tare, zero, auto zero tracking, total, hold, overload warning and record, low battery alarm, automatic power off, infrared remote control calibration
    Maximum remote control distance 15m (49ft)
    Battery of infrared remote controller 2 AAA batteries, 1.5V * 2
    Acceleration of gravity Default value: g=9.793m/s2 (can be regulated)
    Package included 1 * crane scale (with rechargeable battery)
    1 * battery charger
    1 * remote controller (with 2 AAA batteries)
    1 * user manual

    Crane scale dimension:
    Digital crane scale 30 ton/50 ton dimensional drawing

    Capacity Dimension (mm)
    A B C D E H
    30000kg (30 ton) 260 340 105 300 200 1055
    50000kg (50 ton) 360 600 110 440 320 1360

    Tips: Crane scale troubleshooting

    1. The digital crane scale meter does not display.
      If the meter does not display after booting, the battery is damaged, replace the lead acid battery. If the button is damaged, replace the button.
    2. The lead acid battery cannot be charged.
      The charger is damaged, replace the charger.
    3. The charging indicator is not light.
      The battery charger is not plugged in, check the socket. If the charger is damaged, replace the charger.
    4. The weight cannot be displayed.
      The circuit board or load cell is damaged, replace the circuit board or crane scale load cell.
    5. Repeatability becomes poor.
      If the battery voltage is too low, the battery needs to be recharged. Or keep the weight in a steady state when measuring.
    6. Weighing error is big.
      It may cause by no zero operation before loading. So reset zero and recalibrate before loading.
    7. There is no wireless signal.
      The antenna or the lead wire is in poor contact, replace the antenna or welding lead wire. Or the crane scale power supply is not connected.
    8. Display value flashes.
      The battery voltage is too low, the battery needs to be recharged immediately.
    Existing reviews of Digital Crane Scale 30 ton/50 ton
    High perfoamnce 30-ton/50-ton digital crane scale
    This is a well-made scale compared to other scales I have had, the weight is accurate, and which has good design, easy to read in the sun. Great product and reasonable price.
    From: Shaina | Date: 22/11/2022
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    Very accurate 30-ton/50-ton digital crane scale
    A great 30-ton/50-ton digital crane scale with very accurate measurement results. Thanks to the online store for providing such a high quality product, I will definitely buy it.
    From: Polito | Date: 29/03/2021
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