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    Mini Crane Scale 30kg/50kg/150kg/200kg/300kg to 500kg

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    Mini crane scale with aluminium alloy housing has capacity from 30kg/50kg/150kg/200kg/300kg to 500kg, accuracy standartd OIML class III, can be used for hoisting, dock loading and unloading, stock counting, etc. Electronic crane scale has multi-functions of tare, zero, data hold, overload warning, low battery alarm, backlight and automatic power off. The continuous operation time of crane scale is 80 hours.
    SKU: ATO-CRS-500
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    Crane scale with backlight LED display has capacity from 30kg/50kg/150kg/200kg/300kg to 500kg, optional weighing units kg / lbs, 3 AAA battries with 80 hours continuous operation time.


    Model ATO-CRS-GSP908-1 ATO-CRS-GSP908-2 ATO-CRS-GSP908-3 ATO-CRS-GSP908-4 ATO-CRS-GSP908-5 ATO-CRS-GSP908-6 ATO-CRS-GSP908-7
    Capacity * 30kg 50kg 100kg 150kg 200kg 300kg 500kg
    Shipping weight 2kg 2kg 2kg 2kg 2kg 2kg 2kg
    Division value 0.01kg 0.02kg 0.05kg 0.05kg 0.1kg 0.1kg 0.2kg
    Accuracy standard According to OIML class III
    Display 5 digital LED display with white backlight, 20mm (0.8") font height
    Units Optional kg / lbs
    Zero range 4%F.S.
    Tare range 100%F.S.
    Overload display 100%F.S.+9e
    Maximum safety load 125%F.S.
    Ultimate load 300%F.S.
    Material Housing material: Aluminium alloy (powder coated), ring material: Alloy steel, s-hook material: Alloy steel
    Battery scale 3 AAA batteries, 1.5V * 3
    Battery continuous operation time ≥80 hours (50 hours for continuous using backlight)
    Operating temperature -10~+40℃ (+14~+104℉)
    Operating humidity ≤85%RH under 20℃ (68℉)
    Functions Tare, zero, data hold, overload warning, low battery alarm, automatic power off
    Package included 1 * crane scale with detachable s-hook
    3 * AAA batteries
    1 * user manual

    Crane scale dimension (mm):
    Mini crane scale dimension

    Tips: Why can't the crane scale overload?
    The crane scale is an electronic weighing scale that weighs goods during space lifting. So it is not a static weighing method. However, in order to improve the weighing accuracy, it is not allowed to weigh under dynamic conditions. Therefore, the crane scale is mostly in the quasi-dynamic weighing mode when weighing. That is to say the goods is weighing in the state of uniform motion or near static. Therefore, the load cell is not only subject to the weight of the lifting object during the weighing process. It is also affected several kinds of forces as follows:

    1. The crane, wire rope and load cell form a synthetic elastic vibration system. After the wire rope lifts the heavy object, a synthetic low-frequency vibration will be generated. For a high capacity crane, it equivalent to a constant frequency vibration of about 15hz, the load cell is subjected to the effect of alternating vibrations.
    2. After lifting the object, since the center of gravity of the object is not perpendicular to the fulcrum, it will inevitably cause the object to oscillate, which is affected by factors such as mechanical friction and air resistance during the movement, resulting in the attenuation of the gravity of the load cell. On the other hand, the load cell will receive a centrifugal force due to the swing of the heavy object. Generally, the weighing error caused by the swing angle of 70 degrees is 0.2-0.3%.
    3. The force value caused by the change of positive and negative acceleration of the heavy object when the crane is moving up and down.
    4. The impact force generated by the inertial motion of the heavy object during braking.
    5. Gravity tilt caused by the change of the acceleration of the horizontal direction of the object when the crane do translational motion.
    6. The center of gravity of the heavy object is not perpendicular to the hanging point when lifting. It also causes rotation, which causes the load cell to introduce a torsional moment.

    It can be seen that the crane scale is a complicated process after the cargo is lifted. It is not only affected by the gravity of the cargo, but also by many other forces. Therefore, we must pay attention to the weighing of the load cell when weighing, otherwise it will easily cause damage to the crane scale.

    Existing reviews of Mini Crane Scale 30kg/50kg/150kg/200kg/300kg to 500kg
    Fast shipping!
    Despite the crane scale being small, it can accurately weigh heavy loads up to 500kg, making it perfect for my business needs. The scale is compact and easy to transport, and the digital display is clear and easy to read. I'm satisfied with it!
    From: Otto | Date: 27/02/2023
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    High quality crane scale, worth the money
    The 200kg mini crane scale is sturdy, easy to use, and easy to read. The quality was good and the scale worked as advertised. We're very happy with this scale.
    From: Gruver | Date: 06/01/2023
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    Better and more solid than images suggest!
    This 150kg mini scale is solid! I use it for measuring frequent visitor's carry-ons for helicopter flights and in general for various measures by weight. It is very well built and should last for years. Also very intuitive to use and a bright and clear readout.
    From: Mar | Date: 30/06/2022
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    Easy access to weight information
    Use the crane scale to measure the weight required to draw a compound bow and make adjustments for archery compound bows, my crane scale  still works great.
    From: Hortensio | Date: 11/05/2022
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    Good scale, worth the money
    Compared to other scales I have had, this is definitely an economy scale. It has a aluminium alloy housing. This scale has a measurement hold button but it will only hold the position of the current measurement shown on the display. After you press it, it freezes the measurement.
    From: cwt | Date: 22/04/2022
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    Great Purchase Scale - Recommend
    So far I'm happy with this 60kg mini scale. I bought this to measure how many pounds of pull I was applying to the hoe that requires about 40lbs of pull on it. The unit was simple and easy to use straight out of the box and came with a very heavy duty hook. The power button can also be used as a tare weight button which I don’t need in this application but could very well come in handy in the future.
    From: Silvia | Date: 08/07/2021
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