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    Crane Scale Price List

    A crane scale is a weighing instrument that makes an object in a suspended state to measure its mass (weight). Crane scales are generally used in iron and steel, metallurgy, factories and mines, cargo stations, logistics, fairs, workshops and other occasions that require loading and unloading, transportation, measurement, and settlement.

    How to Choose a Crane Scale?

    Crane scale is a tool for measuring weight. The electronic crane scale is generally composed of a mechanical load-bearing mechanism, a load cell, an A/D conversion board, a power supply, a wireless transmitting and receiving device and a weighing display instrument. So how do we choose? Generally speaking, when choosing an electronic crane scale, you should pay attention to the following aspects: accuracy, measurement range, function, versatility, etc. Let's take a look at the details below.

    What is a Crane Scale?

    ATO crane scale is a hook scale that used for weighing the goods needed to be loaded/unloaded/transferred. It is usually installed under the crane or lifting equipment. A crane scale is consists of high-strength hook, shackle, display controller, load cell, metal casings, front and back covers and protection board. Crane scale has a special wireless infrared remote controller, and also can be connected to a large wireless screen for convenient reading. Because of the advantages of multi-functions, high precision, strong anti-cheating ability and low maintenance cost, now crane scale has been widely used for logistic/ warehouse/ factory/ dock/ trading market OCS (online charging system). The crane scales with capacity higher than 30 ton are used for material delivery in metallurgy, railway, industrial and mining companies.

    How to Calibrate a Digital Crane Scale?

    For the digital crane scale, in order not to affect its weighing result, it is required to calibrate it regularly. After investigation, many customers either neglect to calibrate the digital crane scale or have the incorrect calibration method. Now let's introduce you how to calibrate the digital crane scale correctly.