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    What is a Crane Scale?

    ATO crane scale is a hook scale that used for weighing the goods needed to be loaded/unloaded/transferred. It is usually installed under the crane or lifting equipment. A crane scale is consists of high-strength hook, shackle, display controller, load cell, metal casings, front and back covers and protection board. Crane scale has a special wireless infrared remote controller, and also can be connected to a large wireless screen for convenient reading. Because of the advantages of multi-functions, high precision, strong anti-cheating ability and low maintenance cost, now crane scale has been widely used for logistic/ warehouse/ factory/ dock/ trading market OCS (online charging system). The crane scales with capacity higher than 30 ton are used for material delivery in metallurgy, railway, industrial and mining companies.

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     Crane scale ATO-CRS-500  Crane scale ATO-CRS-20T Crane scale. ​​​​  ATO-CRS-50T



    300kg to 500kg

    2 ton/3 ton

    5 ton/10 ton

    15 ton to 20 ton

    30 ton/50 ton
     $112.43 $369.98 $5,025.13

     *Note: The prices in the table are just for your reference. 

    Tips for using a crane scale Crane scale

    1. Overload of electronic hanging scale is strictly prohibited. 
    2. When lifting heavy objects, the machine must rise and fall vertically. It is forbidden to drag heavy objects through the scale body.
    3. When using the hanging scale, the operator shall keep a certain distance from the hoisted object to avoid injury to human body caused by accidental falling of the object.
    4. Before using the hanging scale, users should check the screws, hooks, lifting rings, split pins and other parts to ensure safe use, and specify routine maintenance and inspection.
    5. Please use the special charger we provide for you. Others may cause battery overcharge, shorten service life and even endanger safety.
    6. When adjusting the instrument handle, pull it out evenly on both sides and allow it to rotate to a convenient angle.
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