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    What is Torque Sensor?

    Torque sensors are divided into dynamic torque sensors and static torque sensors. The static torque sensor can also be called a reaction torque sensor, while the dynamic torque sensor can also be called a non-contact torque sensor or rotary torque sensor. Torque sensors are used for detecting the perception of torque on various rotating or non-rotating mechanical components. The torque sensor converts the physical changes of torsion into precise electrical signals. The torque sensor has the advantages of high precision, fast frequency response and good reliability. ATO has many better torque sensors for sale.

    Torque Sensor dimension

    Common torque sensors are measured using bonded strain gauge technology, where the strain gauge is bonded to a suitably designed shaft. It features a circular shaft and a strain gauge torque sensor for 45 degrees applications. This design has been around for years. However, the design and configuration of the device will be determined by the application, the shaft can be solid or hollow, and the cross-section can be different from the cross, square or other custom designs in order to obtain the maximum signal output. Shear stress is caused when torsion is applied to an axis causing it to distort.

    They were measured by bonding the strain gauge 45° to the horizontal torque shaft. Since the shear stress-induced in the axis is the same throughout its length, the strain gauge can be combined at any point along its length. However, it is common practice to place them in the center, as far away as possible from the false stresses that may be induced at the mechanical interface.

    ATO TOP 9 best torque sensors for sale

    Reaction Torque Sensor Reaction Torque Sensor Reaction Torque Sensor
    Reaction Torque Sensor, Dual Flange Reaction Torque Sensor for Torque Wrench Calibration Reaction Torque Sensor, Flange to Square Drive
    20 Nm/100 Nm/5000 Nm to 10000 Nm 5-200 Nm 2/10/30/50/100/200 Nm
    $193.92 $165.61 134.92


    Micro Reaction Torque Sensor Rotary Torque Sensor Micro Rotary Torque Sensor
    Micro Reaction Torque Sensor for Static Torque Rotary Torque Sensor, Non-Contact, Shaft to Shaft Micro Rotary Torque Sensor for Dynamic Torque Measurement
    0.5-150 Nm 0.05-300000 Nm 0.1-5 Nm
    $175.93 $1,015.34 $914.02


    Digital Rotary Torque Sensor Rotary Torque Sensor Rotary Torque Sensor
    Digital Rotary Torque Sensor Rotary Torque Sensor, Dual Flange Rotary Torque Sensor, Non-Contact
    0.1/5/300/1000 Nm to 10000 Nm 20-5000 Nm 50-50000 Nm
    $939.15 $2,252.98 $1,812.68

    *Note: The prices in the table are just for your reference.

    The torque sensor applications are:

    • AC/DC motor, servo motor, stepper motor.
    • The automobile engine, diesel engine, steering gear, the overall rigid torsion of the vehicle body and the control and detection of other parts processing.
    • Electric (hand) actuators, automatic opening and closing control of various valves.
    • Control and monitoring of oil extraction and refining processes, monitoring of fire (water) power generation equipment, ore screening control, and monitoring of wind power generation equipment.
    • Torque life test of various materials.
    • Detect the torque, power and rotary speed of various motors, pumps, windlasses, rotary machines, CNC and automatic machine tools.
    • Can be used to test and calibrate viscometer and electric (pneumatic, hydraulic) torque wrench.
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