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    Level Sensor Price List

    Liquid level sensor is a pressure sensor for measuring liquid level. Static pressure input liquid level transmitter is based on the principle that the measured liquid static pressure is proportional to its height. It adopts foreign advanced isolated diffused silicon sensor or ceramic capacitor pressure sensor to convert the static pressure into electrical signal, and then into standard electrical signal (generally 4 ~ 20mA / 1 ~ 5VDC) after temperature compensation and linear correction. The level sensor can be divided into contact level sensor and non-contact level sensor.

    Liquid level sensor is widely used, showing us a good development trend. It is necessary to use sensors in our daily life. In order to meet your different needs, ATO provides many kinds of liquid level sensors with reasonable price.

    Item Product name SKU Measuring range  Accuracy  Price
     Level sensor  Submersible Level Sensor for Water/Oil/Fuel Tank  ATO-LEVS-S200M  0-50m   0.5%FS, 0.3%FS BUY NOW
     Level sensor  High Temperature Level Sensor  ATO-LEVS-HT20M  0-12m 0.5%FS, 0.3%FS   BUY NOW
     Level sensor  Ultrasonic Level Sensor for Tank/Liquid/Solid  ATO-LEVS-U6M  0.1-6m  \  BUY NOW
     Level sensor  Ultrasonic Level Sensor for Water/Fuel/Oil/Powder  ATO-LEVS-U60M  0-60m  0.5%FS  BUY NOW
     Level sensor  Ultrasonic Level Sensor  ATO-LEVS-U40M  0-40m  0.3%FS  BUY NOW
     Level sensor Radar Level Sensor, Non-contact Water Level Measurement  ATO-LEVS-R70M  0-70m  ±3mm BUY NOW
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