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    Level Sensor Price List

    Level sensor can also be called level transmitter, water level sensor, liquid level sensor, etc. It is a device that can convert the detected level signal into a standard signal (4-20mA, 0-20mA, 1-5V, 0-5V, 0-10V). Level sensors can add the display and remote transmission functions. According to the measurement method, the level sensor can be divided into contact level sensor and non-contact level sensor.
    The contact liquid level sensor is based on the principle: The static pressure of the liquid is proportional to the height of the liquid. It uses advanced isolated diffused silicon sensitive elements to convert the static pressure into an electrical signal, and then converted into standard signal after temperature compensated and linearly corrected. The commonly used types are submersible level sensor, float level sensor, magnetostrictive level sensor, etc. They are mainly used to measure the water level or liquid level.
    The non-contact level sensor mainly includes the ultrasonic level sensor and the radar level sensor. They are new type sensors developed based on the characteristics of ultrasonic waves or radar. They have higher accuracy and a wider range of applications. They can not only measure the liquid level inside the tank, even the level of solid raw materials or mixed media, but also be used in water level monitoring systems in complex environments such as river, lake and sea.
    It is necessary to use sensors in our daily life. In order to meet your different needs, ATO provides many kinds of liquid level sensors with reasonable price.

    Item Product name SKU Measuring range  Accuracy  Price
    Level sensor Submersible Level Sensor for Water/Oil/Fuel Tank ATO-LEVS-S200M 0-50m  0.5%FS, 0.3%FS BUY NOW
    Level sensor High Temperature Level Sensor ATO-LEVS-HT20M 0-12m BUY NOW
    Level sensor Ultrasonic Level Sensor for Tank/Liquid/Solid ATO-LEVS-U6M 0.1-6m \ BUY NOW
    Level sensor Ultrasonic Level Sensor for Water/Fuel/Oil/Powder ATO-LEVS-U60M 0-60m 0.5%FS BUY NOW

    Level sensor

    Ultrasonic Level Sensor ATO-LEVS-U40M 0-40m 0.3%FS BUY NOW
    Level sensor Radar Level Sensor, Non-contact Water Level Measurement ATO-LEVS-R70M 0-70m ±3mm BUY NOW

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