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    Photoelectric Sensor Price List

    The photoelectric sensor is also known as photoelectric switch. The principle of photoelectric sensor is that, when the light beam is blocked or reflected by object, the synchronous circuit is switched on, then photoelectric sensor can detect the object exists or not. The detection objects are not limited to metal. All the objects that can reflect light or block light will be detected by photoelectric sensor. Such as solid, liquid, plastic, glass and smoke. Photoelectric sensor is now widely used for smoke alarm security systems, or counting number of movements of the robot arm.Different types of ATO photoelectric sensors
    Photoelectric sensor has a great many of models because of its wide range of applications. Today, ATO provides a photoelectric sensor price list for your reference. It's about the most common types of photoelectric sensors on the market. If you could not find the model you want, you could also contact us directly. ATO will provide more sensor prices. ATO also can customize new photoelectric sensors according to your requirements.

    Name SKU Quantity (pcs/sets) Unit price (USD)
    Round type Square amplifier built-in type Square relay built-in type
    M12*1 M18*1 M30*1.5 15.5*21*41mm 10.8*20*31mm 18*50*50mm 25*65*75mm
    Through Beam Photoelectric Sensor ATO-PSTB 1 51.77 42.54 46.84 49.92 56.69 45.61 55.46
    3 35.08 25.85 30.15 33.23 40 28.92 38.77
    Diffuse Reflective Photoelectric Sensor ATO-PSDR 1 45.58 39.43 41.27 44.35 50.19 41.27 48.04
    3 28.93 22.78 24.62 27.70 33.54 24.62 31.39
    Retro-reflective Photoelectric Sensor ATO-PSRR 1 44.84 40.38 42.53 45.61 53.30 42.22 48.07
    3 28.16 23.70 25.85 28.93 36.62 25.54 31.39
    Name SKU Quantity (pcs) Unit price (USD)
    16*25*55mm 15*35.5*40.5mm 20*55*72mm
    Slot Type Photoelectric Sensor ATO-PSST 1 43.81 43.81 46.35
    3 23.70 23.70 26.24

    Note 1: The price for a set of M12*1 through beam photoelectric sensor is 51.77USD. The price for 3 sets of M12*1 through beam photoelectric sensors is 35.08*3=105.24USD. And so on.
    Note 2: The prices in the table list are for reference only. If want to get current quotation, please contact us now. Generally, it's cheaper than the price in the table list.

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