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    Flow Switch Price List

    The flow switch is mainly installed online or plug-in in the water, gas, oil and other media pipelines. When the flow is higher or lower than a certain value, the switch will be triggered to output an alarm signal, and the system can take the corresponding action after obtaining the signal. Common flow switches mainly include piston flow switches, thermal dispersion flow switches, electronic flow switches, etc. Compared with traditional vane type flow switches and piston flow switches, the thermal dispersion air/ water/ oil flow switches for sale online by ATO have higher sensitivity. Because the installation position of the thermal dispersion flow switch is not restricted, there is no wear of the movable mechanical structure, and the liquid containing impurities can be measured. And when you buy a thermal dispersion flow switch from ATO, you can choose different materials to measure the environment of different acid and alkaline liquids. They are all suitable for hydroelectric power generation, refrigeration and air conditioning, electronics, chemistry, shipbuilding, food, pharmaceuticals, optics, semiconductors and other industries.

    Flow Switch Price List:

    Product SKU Length Price Power Accuracy
    Flow switch ATO-RMD-F5 15mm/20mm/30mm/40mm/60mm $168.9 - $235.175

    24V DC

    110V AC

    220V AC

    Flow switch ATO-RMD-FE1 15mm/20mm/30mm/40mm $152.62 - $305.49
    Flow switch ATO-RMD-FAB 15mm/20mm/30mm/40mm/60mm $153.38 - $219.60
    Liquid flow switch ATO-RMD-F2 15mm/20mm/30mm/40mm $251.08 - $317.86
    Water flow switch ATO-RMD-F1 15mm/20mm/30mm/40mm/60mm $170.51 - $235.01

    Note: The prices in the table are just for your reference.

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