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    Hardness Tester Price List

    Hardness tester is a kind of hardness testing instrument. The definition of metal hardness measurement was first put forward by Raymore, which indicates the ability of material to resist the hard object pressing into its surface. It is one of the important properties of metal materials. Generally, the higher the hardness, the better the wear resistance. In order to meet your different needs, ATO has many types of hardness tester for sale.


    Hardness Tester Price List

    SKU Hardness Scale Hardness Value Price Measurement Range Accuracy
    ATO-SHT-SA2090 Type A 20 A-90 A $707.23 10 - 90H ≤ ± 1H
    ATO-SHT-SB9020 Type B 90 A-20 D $718.62
    ATO-SHT-SC9020 Type C 90 B-20 D $752.46
    ATO-SHT-SD90 Type D Above 90 A $859.15
    ATO-SHT-SDO9020 Type DO 90 C-20 D $806.31
    ATO-SHT-SE9020 Type E 90 DO-20 A $685.69
    ATO-SHT-SO20 Type O Below 20 DO $699.77
    ATO-SHT-SOO20 Type OO Below 20 O $696.46

    *Note: The prices in the table are just for your reference.

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