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    Door Opener Price List

    Door opener is a drive composed of a motor, a speed change mechanism, and a clutch device, which is an electromechanical product. It usually used to realize the electric opening and closing of various doors. Door openers are called differently, and can be classified according to use, driving mode, and structure. With the development of economy, door openers have gradually become products for people to realize door automation. Because it can realize intelligent management and digital management by installing door opener, ending the era when people had to get out of the car and open the door. It is a major advancement in society, improving the quality of people’s life and improving work efficiency. In addition, it is safe and convenient.

    Industrial door opener

    ATO Industrial Door Opener Price List

    Product Name SKU Rated Torque Maximum Door Area Maximum Lift Height Price
    500W Industrial Door Opener ATO-OPENER-500W 65N.m 35m² 5m $2,350.85 
    800W Industrial Door Opener ATO-OPENER-800W 110N.m 45m² 7m $2,579.38 
    1kW Industrial Door Opener ATO-OPENER-1000W 150N.m 55m² 7m $2,956.15 

    ATO Swing Gate Opener Price List

    Product Name SKU Max Gate width Max Speed Max Opening Angle Price
    400kg Swing Gate Opener ATO-OPENER-400kg 2.5m 20mm/s 110° $1,899.84 
    800kg Swing Gate Opener ATO-OPENER-800kg 4m 12mm/s  120° $2,523.07 

    ATO Garage Door Opener Price List

    Product Name SKU Torque Door Area Maximum Speed Price
    60W Garage Door Opener ATO-GDM-60W 600Nm 8m² 160mm/s $687.38 
    80W Garage Door Opener ATO-GDM-80W 1000Nm 15m² 140mm/s $1,089.07 
    120W Garage Door Opener ATO-GDM-120W 1500Nm 21m² 140mm/s $1,438.03 

    Note: The prices in the table are just for your reference. If you want to get the latest quotation, please contact us now.

    How to Choose Door Opener?

    1. According to the type of automatic door machine. If the visitors flow rate is not very large, but the door opening requires a lot, such as 4S car shops, you must choose a door operator that can bear a heavier weight. Doing so can ensure that the door machine is not too slow, and it is best that the door machine has a half-open function. That is, when there are no cars or large items in and out of the room, and there are few pedestrians, the opening degree of the door leaf can be halved to prevent the loss of heating or cooling in the door. If the visitors flow rate is small, the doorway is average, and the investment budget is small, such as office, scriptorium, you can choose ordinary door opener. This type of door opener can generally be used without failure, but the service life will be relatively short.
    2. The compatibility of automatic door openers. For confidential places or places where people are restricted from entering and exiting, a certain restriction device needs to be added to the door machine. Such as electronic synchronization locks, sensor access control, and card readers to restrict access to people without cards. These all require the door machine to be compatible and be able to install these devices. Some automatic door openers have this kind of function and are easy to install, but some don’t have this and must be equipped with additional devices to install.
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