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    400kg Swing Gate Opener, 2.5m, 20mm/s, 110°

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    ATO linear swing automatic door opener is suitable for villa courtyard with single door weight of 400kg. For doors up to 4m wide with a width of 4m and a speed of 20 mm per second. The running stroke can reach 360 mm. The opening angle is 110°and the motor voltage is 24 V DC.
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    High quality ATO linear swing door motor is equipped with precision casting motor, which can pull 400kg door body with single arm. IP54, there are more than 12 door opening modes. The remote control distance can reach 80 meters, and the use frequency can reach 40%.


    • ATO 400kg swing gate opener has durability, with slow start / slow stop function and can adjust the slow start / stop speed to effectively reduce the impact of the gate on the motor. So as to extend the service life of the opening device and the gate.
    • It also reliable, powerful planetary worm gear for smooth, powerful and reliable operation due to high strength, wear-resistant screw drive combined with planetary gear motor.
    • It can makes life more convenient. The pedestrian mode of the motor is one of the incredible functions. Through the remote control switch and wiring switch to control the door open, stop, close, convenient for pedestrians.
    • The design makes life more pleasant and convenient for users. Specially security, adjustable automatic closing, built-in automatic closing function, so that your door will never be inadvertently opened.


    Techncal Specifications  ATO PK260 
    Max Gate Weight (per leaf) 400kg
    Max Gate width(per leaf)    2.5m
    Max Stroke  Length 300mm 
    Max Speed 20mm/s 
    Max Opening Angle 110°
    Duty Cycle 40%
    Motor       24V DC
    Degree of Protection       IP54 
    Operating Temperature     -20C to +50°C
    Limit Switch Type      Mechanical limit switches with electronic running way adaption
    Radio KEELOQ Hopping Code,433MHz
    TX Capacity       Standard 2,Max.25 Transmitter (Remotes) 
    Maximum Distance 80m  
    Weight(Double Arm/Single Arm) 19.3kg /11.7kg

    DIMENSION (Unit=mm) 



    ATO swing gate openers are widely used all over the world and many kinds of places. Such as steel gates, aluminum gates, wooden gates, industrial floding doors.

    TIPS:  How to find the correct gate bracket position?

    • Mount motor head bracket 1 to wall bracket 2 .
    • If open in installation: open the gate 90 manually. If Open out installation: close the gate manually.
    • Mount gate bracket 3 to poiston.
    • Mark the position where the gate bracket 3 now touches the gate. Use a water level ruler 5 to level out the motor and mount the gate bracket 3 to the gate at this position.
    • Make sure motor is now fixed to wall bracket 2 and gate bracket3. Put motor into manual mode A. Check that you can reach open and close position by opening and closing the gate manually.

     400kg Swing Gate Opener tips




    Existing reviews of 400kg Swing Gate Opener, 2.5m, 20mm/s, 110°
    Great swing gate opener
    It’s little tricky to install, but this garage door opener is the best to date. And it offers many accessories with easy operation. Better than my old one. Works great every time with super smooth and very quiet operation. I must say that this drive design hits all targets for the value.
    From: Quentin | Date: 15/07/2021
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