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    How To Choose the Best Door Opener?

    With the progress of science and technology and the continuous improvement of human living standards, automatic door opener has been gradually recognized and accepted by more and more people. Correspondingly, the door machine on the automatic door market is springing up, and its rapid development is amazing. There are numerous brands of automatic doors and various types. Automatic door opener seems to realize automatic door opening and closing, but its internal integration technology is fundamentally different. It is difficult for users to judge the quality of automatic induction door opener if they lack relevant knowledge. This article will introduce how to choose automatic door opener in detail? What problems should be paid attention to when purchasing automatic door opener? How to know the quality of automatic door opener? Here is the most common translational induction automatic door machine as an example, I hope to help you choose automatic door machine.

    1. Cost budget
      Everyone hopes to buy a set of door opener with superior performance, reliable quality and moderate price. And now the price of the door machine on the is more and more expensive, there are imported brands and domestic brands, the difference is very big. Generally speaking, the price of portal crane with better performance and quality is naturally higher, because professional manufacturers use exquisite parts to improve the quality of portal crane. As the saying goes: shop around. It is suggested that we should go to more sales stores, learn more about the price and quality of similar gantry cranes, read more relevant information, and then make a budget.
    2. Selection of distributors
      Any machine will have some problems after using for a certain period of time, so when purchasing automatic door opener, the first thing to see is whether the dealer is a professional sales unit, can provide sincere and long-term after-sales service. At present, most brands of automatic door manufacturers mostly use the way of regional agent authorization distribution, by the agent to provide after-sales service for customers, so that the rights and interests of customers are protected. Of course, some people will be confused, so when you buy the automatic door opener, you can ask the buyer to provide relevant protection certificate or manufacturer's authorization. There is also a need to pay attention to is: beware of fakes.1kw industrial door opener
    3. Selection of automatic door machine type
      If the flow of people is large, hundreds of people go in and out every day to thousands of people, and the door opening is large, such as shopping malls, airports and other occasions. In this way, it is better to choose the door machine with excellent brand, so as to avoid the door machine failure in the peak period of people flow, which will bring great inconvenience to customers and affect their own impression. If the flow of people is not very large, but the door opening is required to be large, such as a car shop, it is necessary to choose a gantry crane that can bear a large weight like ATO 1kW industrial door opener, so as to ensure that the speed of the gantry crane will not be too slow. It is best that the gantry crane also has a half open function, that is, when there is no car or large goods in and out in daily life, and there are few pedestrians, the opening radiance of the door leaf can be reduced by half, so as to prevent the loss of heating or cooling in the door. If the flow of people is small, the door opening is general, and the investment budget is small, such as offices and offices, you can choose the ordinary door machine with low price. Generally, this kind of door crane can be used without failure, but its service life will be relatively short. If the buyer's after-sales service is good, you can provide in place maintenance service at any time, then you can rest assured to use it.
    4. Pay attention to the compatibility of automatic door opener
      For the units that use confidential and important places or restrict people's access, they should add certain restrictive devices on the door machine, such as electronic synchronous lock, inductive access control, card swiper, to restrict the entry of people without cards, and so on. This requires that the gantry crane has compatibility and can be equipped with these devices. Some automatic door machines have this kind of function, which is easy to install, while some door machines do not have this function, so they must be equipped with many other devices to install, which leads to unnecessary expenses.
    5. Selection of Installation Engineer
      We must choose a good and stable engineering construction company rather than a guerrilla mobile unit, so as to ensure the engineering quality and after-sales service. Of course, there are many kinds of automatic door machines. In addition to the translation type induction door, there are arc type induction door, folding type induction door, overlapping type induction door, rotary type induction door and so on. Even the retractable electric door for factory and mining and the garage door for household use have joined the ranks of automatic doors. Finally choose what kind of door machine, but also refer to the use of the door machine, the use of the door machine and other factors, it is best to purchase automatic door opener, ATO will provide you with professional answers, so that you know more about the quality of the door opener.
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