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    80W Garage Door Opener, 15m², 1000Nm, 150VA

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    80W garage door opener is used for 8m² nomal insulated steel panel door and 15m² wooden panel door. Maximum speed is 140mm/s, duty cyde is 30%, moter is 24V DC. Degree of protection is IP40, Opreating temperature is -20℃ to 50℃.
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    Garage door opener with 80W rated speed, torque of 1000Nm, TX capacity of standard 2 max 12 transmitter maximum distence of 80m. Have the function of slow start/ slow stop and speed regulation. 80W garage door opener is also equipped with a variety of convenient accessories. If you need or have any questions please ask our staff we will quickly reply.

    ATO Garage Door Openers Display:


    • 80W garage door opener is equipped with a powerful motor also can effectively protect the door. The use of antifriction bearing in the motor can effectively increase the service life and push-pull force of the motor. The push-pull force can reach 1000N, which can easily drive the door body of different materials. 
    • It is very convenient to adjust the control part. During debugging and installation, the lampshade can be directly suspended on the shell of control components. The buttons are designed in different colors and can be easily identified.
    • Equipped with precise limit switch, the ratio of limit switch is 1:1, and the stroke will not be changed due to external influence.
    • It is also equipped with a comfortable clutch handle, which conforms to the shape of human body design and feels comfortable. High strength steel wire stay wire is not easy to be broken.
    • The rail is made of galvanized steel with a thickness of 2.00 meters, which can withstand a large push-pull load and is not easy to rust and be damaged by external force.


    Model ATO SX12/1000
    Torque 1000Nm
    Door Area (Insulated Steel Panel) (Optional Lift Height) 15m²(2.4m)/ (3.4m)
    Max. Lift Height  3650mm
    Door Area (Wooden or Industrial Panel) (Optional Lift Height) 8m²(2.4m)/ (3.4m)
    Maximum Speed 140mm/s
    Duty Cycle 30%
    Nominal lnput Voltage 220V AC+10%,50/60Hz
    Motor 24v DC/80W
    Weight 20kg
    Transformer 150VA
    Degree of Protection IP40
    Soft Start/ Stop Function Yes
    Safety Obstruction Sensing Yes
    Connect to APP Link Smartphone Controller  Available 
    speed Regulation Yes
    Auto Close Function Yes
    Operating Temperature -20°C to +50°C
    Maximum Distance 80m
    TX Capacity Standard 2, Max. 12 Transmitter


    ATO garage door opener practical and powerful for domestic sectional and tilt-up garage doors, heavy duty and light industrial doors translucent overhead doors steel panel sectional doors wooden doors, copper doors. It is also widely used in sectional garage door, flip garage door, swing garage door and side mounted garage door. 

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    80W garage door opener dimension

    120W garage door opener dimension1

    Tips: Why Do You Choose ATO 80W Garage Door Opener?

    1. 80W garage door opener runs at a speed of 140mm per second, uses 50% of the frequency, and supplies 200 DC to the motor. 120 watts operating power.
    2. It has the function of self checking the balance degree. If the door is in an unbalanced state, the lamp will flash continuously when the motor is running to remind the user.
    3. 80W garage door opener can be connected with backup battery to ensure normal electric switch in case of power failure.
    4. 80W garage door motor has a ventilation mode, which allows a little space to be reserved for ventilation when the door is closed in place. The height of space and ventilation time can be set, and the door will be closed automatically after ventilation is completed.
    5. It has intelligent digital display mode. Combined with the manual, it can adjust the different functions of the motor and code the remote control equipment. In case of failure, the corresponding value will be displayed at a glance.

    Existing reviews of 80W Garage Door Opener, 15m², 1000Nm, 150VA
    Intelligent and perfect garage door opener
    I bought this for my new home for the second car garage that did not get a garage door opener already installed. Not as difficult to install as others say. It has worked great, and is very quiet. Following the written instruction and online video instruction make it become pretty easy. I also ordered the phone link. There is no doubt that such an intelligent program is a big improvement.
    From: Cornelius | Date: 16/07/2021
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