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    Shunt Power Capacitor Price List

    ATO provides two categories of capacitors: low voltage shunt power capacitor of the self-healing type (three-phase series) and self-healing low voltage shunt capacitor (single phase, for mineral thermal oven).

    Characterization of ATO three/single phase shunt power capacitors
    Self-healing low voltage shunt power capacitors are used in 50Hz and 6oHz power system. The function of these capacitors contains: reducing reactive power loss, improving voltage quality, enlarging capacity of voltage transformer, etc.

    Even though the capacitor’s price varies with its capacity, ATO self-healing three/single phase shunt power capacitors are inexpensive. Here is the price list and welcome to select the best one for you!

    Rated Capacity SKU Price Rated Current Rated Voltage Phase
    5 kvar (78.6 μF) ATO-CAP-45005 $102.36 6.4A 450V AC three phase
    8 kvar (125 μF) ATO-CAP-45008 $112.62 10.3A
    15 kvar (235 μF) ATO-CAP-45015 $118.92 19.2A
    20 kvar (314 μF) ATO-CAP-45020 $127.15 25.7A
    25 kvar (393 μF) ATO-CAP-45025 $145.08 32.1A
    30 kvar (470 μF) ATO-CAP-45030 $156.77 38.5A
    40 kvar (630 μF) ATO-CAP-45040 $188.31 51.3A
    50 kvar (786 μF) ATO-CAP-45050 $204.54 64.2A
    10 kvar (198 μF) ATO-CAP-40010 $125.38 25A 400V AC single phase
    12 kvar (238 μF) ATO-CAP-40012 $123.38 30A
    18 kvar (245 μF) ATO-CAP-40018 $126.77 45A

    Note: The prices in the table are just for your reference. If you want to get the latest quotation, please contact us now. Generally, it's cheaper than the price in the table.

    Structure features of ATO shunt capacitors

    1. Compact design, light weight, easy to install
      High quality metallized polypropylene film is adopted as medium of capacitors, so the structures of these products are optimized.
    2. Low loss and heating
      New spray golden craftsmanship and special metalized edge thickness technology has been applied, which strongly strengths the power anti-surge capacity of capacitors, stabilizes them and cuts down loss of the capacitors. Good power saving.
    3. Excellent self-healing performance
      Breakdown part of the medium can self-heal quickly, and then work normally again, which makes the reliability improved.
    4. Safety
      The discharge resister and safeguard inside improve the security of the capacitor.
    5. No oil leakage, no pollution
      Wax, which is solidity at room temperature and its melting point is above 70 degree, is used as immersed liquid. No oil leakage during use.
    6. Non-corrosive and anti-fake cover
      With special double anti-corrosion treatment, these products have excellent corrosion resistance. The anti-fake design makes fake easy to distinguish.  
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