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    30 kvar 470 μF Shunt Power Capacitor, 3 phase, 450V, low voltage

    ATO offers the superior quality 3 phase power shunt capacitor which has excellent self-healing performance, 30 kvar (470 μF) rated capacity. It is designed for power factor correction, no oil leakage, no-toxic and environment protection.
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    30 kvar 470 μF self-healing shunt power capacitor works at 50Hz / 60Hz rating, 450V AC low voltage power system. The compact size and light weight design for you easy to install, it mainly improve power factor, reduce reactive power loss.

    30 kvar Power Capacitor Specifications

    Model 0.45-30-3
    Shape Rectangular
    Weight 2.4 Kg
    Height 210 mm
    Rated Voltage 450V AC
    Rated Capacity 30 kvar (470 μF)
    Rated Current 38.5 A
    Rated Frequency 50Hz or 60Hz
    Capacity Tolerance -5%~+10%
    Outgoing Terminal M8
    Connection 3 line-△ type / 4 line-Y type
    Anti Voltage
    1. Between two pole 2.15 times rated voltage is 10s;
    2. Between two pole 3 kv please choose highest value 10s;
    3. There is noperpetuity puncture and flash over.
    Max Permit Over Voltage
    1. 1.1 times rated voltage, the high permit over voltage is not more than 8 hours within 24 hours.
    2. 1.15 times rated voltage, it is not more than 30 minutes within 24 hours.
    3. 1.2 times rated voltage, it is not more than 5 minutes.
    4. 1.3 times ratedvoltage, it would not more than 1 minute.
    Max Permit Over Current It is permit that the over current is not more than 1.3 times rated current.
    Safety Self healing, Sheet metal enclosure
    Certification GB/T 12747-2004, IEC60831: 212002

    Note: Need more models information of the 3 phase shunt capacitors, please click here.

    30 kvar 3 Phase Capacitor Dimension (mm)

    capacitor dimensionTips: Three compensation ways for power capacitor

    There are three ways of compensation for power capacitors: Individual compensation, packet compensation and centralized compensation.

    1. Individual compensation is to set the power capacitor near electrical equipment where requires compensation, and runs and exits together with electrical equipment, which is at the end of the power supply load. It can compensate all high and low voltage transmission lines and transformers which have no power, can minimize reducing reactive power throughput of the system, and makes the whole line and transformer active loss reduction, and the cross section of the wire, the capacity of transformer switchgear equipment such as reduced size, it has the best compensation effect.

    2. For packet compensation, the capacitor is used to compensate each group. The utilization ratio is larger than the individual compensation, so the total capacity of capacitor is smaller than the individual compensation, and the investment is smaller than the individual compensation. However, the reactive power of the distribution line from compensation point to power equipment cannot be compensated.

    3. For power capacitors with concentrated compensation, they are usually set on high and low voltage busbars of transformer and distribution substation. The power capacitors that will be centrally compensated are set on the high voltage bus of the user's total drop substation, which has less investment and is convenient for centralized management. At the same time, it can compensate the reactive power of user to meet the requirements from power factor. However, there is no reactive power compensation for the internal line of bus.

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