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    25 kvar 393 μF Shunt Power Capacitor, 3 phase, 450V, low voltage

    3 phase 25 kvar power capacitor in parallel connection, it is used in 50Hz or 60Hz 450 Volt AC low voltage power system to improve power factor. With good outgoing terminals and self-healing propery for convenient wiring and reliable connection.
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    25 kvar Shunt Power Capacitor Features

    • 25 kvar (393 μF) tared capacity works at 3 phase 450V AC low voltage
    • Compact design and reliable quality thanks to advanced technology and self-healing metalized film material
    • Designed in accordance with standards GB/T 12747-2004, IEC60831: 212002
    • No oil leakage, no-toxic and environment protection

    25 kvar 3 Phase Capacitor Specifications

    Model 0.45-25-3
    Shape Rectangular
    Weight 2.4 Kg
    Height 210 mm
    Rated Voltage 450V AC
    Rated Capacity 25 kvar (393 μF)
    Rated Current 32.1 A
    Rated Frequency 50Hz or 60Hz
    Capacity Tolerance -5%~+10%
    Outgoing Terminal M6
    Connection 3 line-△ type / 4 line-Y type
    Anti Voltage
    1. Between two pole 2.15 times rated voltage is 10s;
    2. Between two pole 3 kv please choose highest value 10s;
    3. There is noperpetuity puncture and flash over.
    Max Permit Over Voltage
    1. 1.1 times rated voltage, the high permit over voltage is not more than 8 hours within 24 hours.
    2. 1.15 times rated voltage, it is not more than 30 minutes within 24 hours.
    3. 1.2 times rated voltage, it is not more than 5 minutes.
    4. 1.3 times ratedvoltage, it would not more than 1 minute.
    Max Permit Over Current It is permit that the over current is not more than 1.3 times rated current.
    Safety Self healing, Sheet metal enclosure
    Certification GB/T 12747-2004, IEC60831: 212002

    Note: Need more models information of the 3 phase shunt capacitors, please click here.

    25 kvar Shunt Capacitor Dimension (mm)
    25 kvar capacitor dimensionTips: Star wiring and triangular wiring of low-voltage shunt power capacitor

    Low-voltage shunt power capacitor mainly has two kinds of wiring: star wiring and triangular wiring. If the rated voltage of capacity is the same as that of power grid, use the triangular wiring. Because of the triangle wiring, the voltage of the other two phase capacitors is constant and continues to work even if the capacitor has a single-phase grounding short circuit. Therefore, in the high pressure side concentrated compensation, the triangle is adopted.

    If you use a star connection, the situation is different. For example, in three-phase three-wire system, when one phase fuse is blown, the voltage of other two phases decreases, and the capacitor cannot work properly. When short circuit of single-phase grounding occurs, the other two phase voltage will rise to the line voltage, which can easily cause the breakdown of capacitor.

    Characteristics of these two ways of connection:

    1. Considering the capacity of capacitors, connection way of triangle is better than that of star. For the same three capacitors, the capacity of triangular connection is three times the capacity of star connection. The capacity with triangular connection is three times that star connection.

    2. Considering the safety of power system, the star connection mode is better than the triangle connection mode. Because of the triangle connection, it is easy to cause short-circuit when the capacitor is short-circuited. Therefore, in neutral system, star or double star are used in parallel system.

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