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    18 kvar Shunt Capacitor, single phase, 400V, self-healing

    This single phase 18 kvar shunt capacitor is suitable for power frequency 50Hz or 60 Hz AC power system with nominal voltage of 400V to raise power factor, reduce line loss and improve voltage quality. The provided capacitor is made of the advanced metalized film and in compliance with the set industry standards.
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    18 kvar Shunt Capacitor Features

    • The capacitor is shuntly connected in the 400V AC low voltage system.
    • Compact design and reliable quality thanks to advanced technology.
    • Having good self-healing property: When medium parts was puncture, it can self heal quickly and recover normally work.
    • Less maintenance and long service life.

    18 kvar Shunt Capacitor Specifications

    Model 0.4-18-1
    Shape Rectangular
    Weight 2.4 Kg
    Height 245 mm
    Rated Voltage 400V AC
    Rated Capacity 18 kvar (245 μF)
    Rated Current 45 A
    Rated Frequency 50Hz or 60Hz
    Capacity Tolerance -5%~+10%
    Outgoing Terminal M8
    Connection 3 line-△ type / 4 line-Y type
    Anti Voltage
    1. Between two pole 2.15 times rated voltage is 10s;
    2. Between two pole 3 kv please choose highest value 10s;
    3. There is noperpetuity puncture and flash over.
    Max Permit Over Voltage
    1. 1.1 times rated voltage, the high permit over voltage is not more than 8 hours within 24 hours.
    2. 1.15 times rated voltage, it is not more than 30 minutes within 24 hours.
    3. 1.2 times rated voltage, it is not more than 5 minutes.
    4. 1.3 times ratedvoltage, it would not more than 1 minute.
    Max Permit Over Current It is permit that the over current is not more than 1.3 times rated current.
    Safety Self healing, Sheet metal enclosure
    Certification GB/T 12747-2004, IEC60831: 212002

    Note: Need more models information of the single phase shunt capacitors, please click here.

    18 kvar Shunt Capacitor Dimension (mm)
    single phase 20 kvar capacitor dimensionTips: Overvoltage and overcurrent of self-healing low voltage shunt power capacitor
    1. Overvoltage
    The capacitor should be properly protected by lightning overvoltage and installed close to the capacitor. When capacity is fixed on the motor, in order to prevent the motor from producing excessive high voltage which is self-excited after the power cut off, it is suggested to choose a capacitor with rated current less than the no-load current of motor, generally 90% advisable.
    2. Overcurrent
    Capacitors cannot operate at a current rate of 1.3 times than the rated current. Overcurrent may be caused by overvoltage of base wave, harmonics, or both. In order to ensure the service life of capacitor, even if the current is within 1.3 times, but still exceed the rated current value, please use caution. Best before and after the installation, it is better to measure the voltage waveform and network features, when there is a harmonic source (for example, large rectifier, inverter, etc.), corresponding measures should be taken to limit (e.g., choose the series reactor) according to corresponding severity of harmonic.

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