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    15 kvar 235 μF Shunt Power Capacitor, 3 phase, 450V, Self-healing

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    High quality AC power capacitor is 15 kvar ( 235 μF) rating, which used in low voltage 450V electrical system to reduce reactive loss and improve power factor. Bring excellent self-healing property and reliable, dry type structure design, no liquid leakage pollution of the environment.
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    3 phase shunt power capacitor in parallel, with 15 kvar (235 μF) rated capacity and self-healing performance. It is sealed with aluminum case, due to the dielectric directly contact with the case, heat is transmitted outside of capacitor, temperature rise is relatively low with long service life.

    15 kvar Shunt Power Capacitor Specifications

    Model 0.45-15-3
    Shape Rectangular
    Weight 2 Kg
    Height 210 mm
    Rated Voltage 450V AC
    Rated Capacity 15 kvar (235 μF)
    Rated Current 19.2 A
    Rated Frequency 50Hz or 60Hz
    Capacity Tolerance -5%~+10%
    Outgoing Terminal M6
    Connection 3 line-△ type / 4 line-Y type
    Anti Voltage
    1. Between two pole 2.15 times rated voltage is 10s;
    2. Between two pole 3 kv please choose highest value 10s;
    3. There is noperpetuity puncture and flash over.
    Max Permit Over Voltage
    1. 1.1 times rated voltage, the high permit over voltage is not more than 8 hours within 24 hours.
    2. 1.15 times rated voltage, it is not more than 30 minutes within 24 hours.
    3. 1.2 times rated voltage, it is not more than 5 minutes.
    4. 1.3 times ratedvoltage, it would not more than 1 minute.
    Max Permit Over Current It is permit that the over current is not more than 1.3 times rated current.
    Safety Self healing, Sheet metal enclosure
    Certification GB/T 12747-2004, IEC60831: 212002

    Note: Need more models information of the 3 phase shunt capacitors, please click here.

    15 kvar Shunt Capacitor Dimension (mm)
    25 kvar capacitor dimensionTips: Discharging sound problem during capacitor operation

    When the capacitor is running, there is usually no sound, but sometimes it is an exception. There are several reasons causing the sound:

    1. Casing discharging. The casing of capacitor is the assembled type, and if it is exposed in air for a long time, the rainwater enters between two layers of casing, and when the voltage is applied, it is possible to produce a crackling sound. In this case, the outer casing can be loosened, then dry and reinstalled it.
    2. Insufficient oil discharging. If there is a serious shortage of oil in capacitor, it is possible to discharge the oil from the lower end of casing. For this purpose, the same type of capacitor oil should be added.
    3. Desoldering discharging. If the inside of capacitor is either virtual or unsoldered, it will flash and discharge in the oil. If the discharging sound doesn’t stop, the capacitor should be disassembled for repair.
    4. Poor ground discharging. When the core of capacitor is in poor contact with shell, a floating voltage will appear, causing the discharge sound. At this time, just shake the capacitor to make the core contact with the shell, which may make the discharging sound disappear.
    Existing reviews of 15 kvar 235 μF Shunt Power Capacitor, 3 phase, 450V, Self-healing
    Who can answer my capacitor question?
    Does it matter that the wires from the capacitor will be small, which will be connected to the L1 and L2.
    From: Abner | Date: 03/03/2023
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    ATO Responded
    For the cable connecting the capacitor, we recommend that you use a copper cable with a diameter of 4~6mm² (6AWG~3AWG cable).
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