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    Slot Type Photoelectric Sensor

    Slot-type photoelectric sensor is also known as U-type photoelectric sensor. It's a type of through beam photoelectric sensor and easier to align through beam. Slot type photoelectric sensor can distinguish opaque objects, with power supply DC 12V-24V (6-36V), small installation space, reverse power protection.
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    Slot type photoelectric sensor with reverse power protection can be directly connected with PLC.

    Applications: Photoelectric sensors have been used as position detection, liquid level control, product counting, width discrimination, speed detection, fixed length cutting, holes recognition, signal delay, automatic door sensing, color scale detection, punching and cutting Machine and security and many other areas. In addition, using the stealthiness of infrared, photoelectric sensors also can be used as a burglar alarm in banks, warehouses, shops, and offices.


    Dimension 16*25*55mm 15*35.5*40.5mm 20*55*72mm
    DC type NPN NO NO NO
    NC NC NC
    - - NO+NC
    NC NC NC
    - - NO+NC
    Detection range 7mm 15mm 30mm
    Detection target Opaque object Opaque object Opaque object
    Detection range regulation Sensitivity controller Sensitivity controller Sensitivity controller
    Response time 1ms 1ms 1ms
    Connection delay 1.5ms
    Light source Infrared light 660nm
    Power supply DC type: DC 12-24V (6-36V), impulse (p-p) 10% below
    Withstand voltage AC1000V 50/60Hz 1min between charging part and housing
    Voltage influence Inside ±15% rated supply voltage range, at rated supply voltage value, inside ±10% detection distance
    Consumption current N/P type: ≤20mA, A type: ≤1.7mA
    Control output N/P type: ≤300mA, A type: ≤400mA, J type: ≤2A (contact service life: 0.1 million times)
    Loop protection N/P/D type: reversal connection protection, surge absorption, load short-circuit protection, A type: surge absorption
    Ambient temperature & humidity Operation temperature/storage temperature: -30~+65℃ (no freeze, no dew); Operation humidity/storage humidity: 35~95%RH
    Temperature influence Temperature range -30~+65℃, at +23℃, ±15% detection distance; Temperature range -25~+60℃, at +23℃, ±10% detection distance
    Insulation impedance ≥50MΩ (DC500 megameter) between charging part and housing
    Material Housing: Aluminum die casting (ABS), Detection surface (lens): PMMA
    Protection class IP65
    Cable length 2m

    Slot type photoelectric sensor dimensional drawing:
    Slot type photoelectric sensor dimensional drawing
    Tips: What is a slot type photoelectric sensor?
    The slot type photoelectric sensor is actually a kind of through beam photoelectric sensor, also called U-type photoelectric sensor. It is an infrared photoelectric sensor, which is composed of a light projector and light receiver. The slot width determines the strength of the inductive received signal and the distance of the received signal. The slot type photoelectric sensor and the proximity sensor are also non-contact sensor, which is less restricted by the detecting object. Slot type photoelectric sensor has a long detecting distance about tens of meters, and has high accuracy for small objects detecting. Slot type photoelectric sensor is mainly used for pass detection, entry detection, position detection, time detection, direction identification and safety confirmation.

    In this video, ATO will show you how to use a slot type photoelectric sensor and a digital counter for number counting.

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