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    What is a Photoelectric Sensor Used for?

    The photoelectric detection method has the advantages of high precision, fast response and non-contact. The photoelectric sensor has a simple structure and is easy to operate. With the development of photoelectric technology, photoelectric sensors have been widely used in various light industrial automation.

    ATO photoelectric sensor

    Application of sensor in high voltage and high current test

    The use of optical equipment for high-voltage and high-current measurement has developed rapidly in the power system. Many photoelectric sensors have been put into field operation one after another, bringing many convenient conditions for the monitoring of high-voltage and high current. The photoelectric sensor has fast response speed and high measurement accuracy. The photoelectric sensor is modulated by light in the process of converting the measured current from high potential to low potential, and its optical instrument part has only microwatt-level power.

    Application of photoelectric sensor in rotational speed measurement system

    Rotational speed is an important characteristic parameter in the performance test of power machinery, and its size and change are related to whether the mechanical operation is normal or not. Many characteristic parameters of power machinery are often determined by the speed, such as the output power of the motor, and the vibration of the power machinery, the pulsation of the air flow in the pipeline, and the wear state of various working parts are also closely related to the speed. The use of photoelectric sensors to monitor the change of speed in time can eliminate many faults in the operation of the machine in time and avoid greater losses.

    Application of photoelectric sensor in relay protection

    With the development of the power industry, the transmission capacity and voltage level of the power system have been continuously improved. There are many shortcomings in the measurement and monitoring of the power grid by traditional transformers. However, the integrated automation system of optical fiber power substations composed of optical fiber transformers and optical fiber communication networks using photoelectric sensors has become one of the most promising development directions of power automation technology. The power transformer is an important power measurement device in the power system, and it is also a key device for realizing power automation.

    Application of photoelectric sensor in smoke turbidity monitoring

    Preventing industrial smoke and dust pollution is one of the important tasks of environmental protection. In order to eliminate industrial soot pollution, it is first necessary to know the amount of soot emissions. Therefore, photoelectric sensors must be used to monitor, automatically display and alarm the soot source. The smoke turbidity in the flue is detected by the change of light in the process of transmission in the flue. If the turbidity of the flue increases, the light emitted by the light source is absorbed and refracted by the smoke particles, and the light reaching the photodetector decreases, so the intensity of the output signal of the photodetector can reflect the change of flue turbidity.

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