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    Photoelectric Level Sensor for Water Tank

    In level control and detection applications, the level of a tank or container will change at a continuous rate over a period of time. In order to know when a failure occurs or when levels become dangerously high or low, it is critical to have a level control monitoring solution in place to prevent costly damage and situations where water overflows or runs dry. The following mainly describes the functions of the photoelectric liquid level switch in the water tank or container.

    Photoelectric Liquid Level Sensor for Water TankSingle-point photoelectric level switches installed in critical water tanks or containers is to prevent overflow or failure using level control equipment. In many cases, this has proven to be an affordable small investment that adds value to products and services as it minimizes the risk of costly consequences in some cases.

    Typically, single point photoelectric level switches are installed in high and low level tanks or vessels. From low power switches to switches capable of handling higher voltage inputs and larger output drives, these switches can issue alarms to the process controller. Send signals or cut power to pumps and valves.

    How does the photoelectric level sensor work?

    Photoelectric level sensors use infrared LEDs and phototransistors precisely positioned at the bottom of the switch tip. When the tip is in air, the infrared light from the LED is reflected inside the tip and returned to the phototransistor. When the tip of the switch is immersed in the liquid, infrared light escapes from the tip, causing a change in the amount of light from the phototransistor, which causes the output to change state.

    Photoelectric level switches has ability to operate in wide operating temperatures and harsh liquid media makes the sensors extremely reliable for use in extreme conditions. Liquid level switches are compact, which means they can fit in applications where space is limited, and they can also react very quickly to small amounts of liquid. provides high performance level sensors for liquid level control monitoring of water tanks or containers. If you need more detailed information, please browse the product page or contact us.

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