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    How to Choose Level Sensor?

    In the automated production process, liquid level sensor and monitoring has always played a more important role, such as the production of food and beverage, daily chemical products, pharmaceuticals, semiconductors and other industries, the cooling and lubrication of various machines, liquid level monitoring directly affects the quality of the product, and even related to the production process can be carried out smoothly.

    At the same time, due to the complexity and variability of the liquid level sensor environment, it also brings different challenges for the application of level sensors. Currently, the market offers a variety of effective solutions for different applications, but how to choose the right and cost-effective sensors has been a headache for users.

    Different Type of Level sensor in ATO

    Types Item  Feature Application
    Submersible  submersible level sensorLEVS-S200M
    • Waterproof cable
    • 304 stainless steel housing
    • Can be put in water/oil/fuel tank or reservoir directly
    High temperature high temperature level sensorLEVS-HT20M
    • Separated structure
    • 316L stainless steel gas collector, capillary tube and protection head
    • Can be used in high temperature (-40~+150℃/ -40~302℉) or corrosive liquid.
    Ultrasonic  ultrasonic level sensorATO-LEVS-U6M  
    • LED display
    • Waterproof shell and circular connector
    • The measuring medium includes water, fuel, oil, metal, etc.
    Radar  radar level sensorATO-LEVS-R70M
    • Waterproof connectors
    • Internal radar antenna
    • Horn and installation accessory
    • Protection head with LCD display
    • Non-contact radar measurement technology
    • Can be used for measuring liquid level of reservoir/ river/ lake/ water tank
    Photoelectric  photoelectric level sensorATO-MR-M12
    •  sensorsensors with infrared ray
    • Can be used in impure or adhesive liquid

    Note: the informations on the table are just for your reference, if you want to know more details, please click the picture or contact us.

    The above is all about how to choose a level sensor, ATO recommends that you'd better choose the most suitable level sensor according to your actual situation, so that the it will play the best role and achieve the effect that leads to your satisfaction.

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