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    How to Wire and Install a Cable Float Switch?

    Cable float switch is a commonly used water level controller. It has a simple structure, convenient installation and sensitive control. The following is the wiring and installation method of cable float switch for your reference.


    1. Use black and blue wires: When the float is at the upper liquid level, the contact is not connected. When the float is at the lower liquid level, the contact is connected.
    2. Use black and brown wires: When the float is at the upper liquid level, the contacts are connected. When the float is at the lower liquid level, the contact is not connected.

    Heavy hammer installationHow to Wire and Install a Cable Float Switch

    1. After inserting the wire of the float switch from the concave circular hole in the center of the heavy hammer, push the heavy hammer lightly to make the plastic ring embedded above the round hole fall off due to the thrust of the wire head. (If necessary, you can also use a screwdriver to remove the plastic ring), and then put the plastic ring that fell off on the cable where you want to set the water level with a counterweight.
    2. Gently push the weight to pull out the cable until the center of the weight locks the plastic ring. As long as the heavy hammer is lightly buckled in the plastic ring, it will not slip off. If the plastic ring is damaged or lost, it can be replaced by the same light bare copper wire buckled into the cable.
    3. The heavy hammer is a required accessory. Please pull the cable directly to the control box. Try to avoid using the intermediate connector. If there is a connector as a last resort, never immerse the cable connector in water.

    Tips for installing the cable float switch

    1. The action length of the floating ball must be less than the distance between the tank wall and the cable, and the minimum water level controlled by the floating ball must be greater than the water level.
    2. The installation position should keep a proper distance from the water inlet to prevent the float switch from being sucked by the water inlet.
    3. The installation position and the inlet should be kept at an appropriate distance to avoid incorrect induction caused by the impact of water. If this cannot be avoided, a protective tube can be installed to improve it.

    Application of cable float switch

    The cable float switch has two chambers, which are completely sealed using a special process when processing it. Different switching points can be adjusted via the counterweight at the end of the cable. Non-toxic and mercury-free properties allow cable float switches to be used in drinking water. The cable float level sensor is generally used in the water pump tower. The length of the lead wire is long or short, so the depth of measurement can be adjusted at will when entering the liquid.

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