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    Float Switch Price List

    The float switch is a liquid level control device with a simple structure and convenient use. It does not need a power supply and has no complicated circuit. It has the advantages of smaller size and longer working life than ordinary mechanical switches. The float level switch is specially used for liquid level detection of various medium and small atmospheric and pressurized liquid storage tanks, remote transmission of on-site indication signals, and liquid level alarms. It can be applied to various hygienic, toxic, corrosive media and explosive gases. Hazardous location. There are a variety of installation forms suitable for various forms of containers.

    The float switch is operated by magnetic force, without mechanical connection parts, and the operation is simple and reliable. When the float switch is floated by the measured medium, the float drives the main body to move, and the magnet at the other end of the float will actuate the magnet switch on the control rod.

    At, we provide different shape cable float level switch for water tank, plastic and stainless steel float switches for your choices. The price list of float level switch is in the table below.

    Float switch price list

    Product SKU Contact Form Price
    Cable float level switch ATO-HTM15-15 SPDT (1NO + 1NC) $14.99
    Cable float switch for water tank ATO-HTM15-2 SPDT (1NO + 1NC) $14.99
    Cable float switch ATO-HTM15-3 SPDT (1NO + 1NC) $14.99
    Dual ball float level switch ATO-MR10125-PS 2NC/2NO $59.15
    Float liquid level sensor ATO-MR1045-PS SPST 1NO/ 1NC $59.86
    Float switch level sensor ATO-MR10110-PS SPST 1NO/ 1NC $61.43
    Stainless steel magnetic float level sensor ATO-FS-MRDZ3 SPST 1NO/ 1NC $139.27
    Magnetic float level switch ATO-FS-MRDZ1 SPST 1NO/ 1NC $63.49
    Side mounted float level switch ATO-MR-L10 1NO/ 1NC $89.99

    Note: The prices in the table are just for your reference. If you want to get the latest quotation, please contact us now.

    How does a float level switch work?

    The float switch is operated by magnetic force. The float inside the float rises or falls with the liquid level, so that the reed switch chip at the set position in the sensor detection tube acts, and sends out a contact switch or conversion signal. One or more reed switches are installed in a closed non-magnetically conductive tube, and then the tube is passed through one or more floating balls with a ring magnet inside. The rise or fall of the liquid will drive the floating balls to move up and down together. Thereby, the reed switch in the non-magnetically conductive tube can be pulled in or disconnected, thereby outputting a switch signal.

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