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    Dual Ball Float Level Switch, Stainless Steel/ Plastic

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    Low price dual ball float level switch is composed of magnetic spring switch and floating ball, vertical mounted, contact form SPST 1NO/ 1NC, contact power rating 50W, optional materials of stainless steel or plastic. This double ball level sensor is used for detecting the position of the liquid level.
    SKU: ATO-MR10125-PS
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    Float liquid level switch is a compact size and highly reliable, which is widely applied in water fountains, air condition, humidifier, bathroom equipment, sale machine, oil tank and chemical liquid level control.


    Model ATO-MR10125-PS
    Basics Material (Optional) Stainless Steel/ Plastic
    Float Pressure <1.0 MPa
    Applicable Temperature -40 ~ +125 ℃
    Withstand Voltage 1000V/10S
    Terminal Tensile Strength ≥2.2
    The Contact Resistance N/A
    Min Insulation resistance 100 mΩ
    Parts Float φ28*28mm
    Float Ball 10125
    Cap Nut M10*1.0mm
    O-ring φ14.3mm * φ8.7mm*2
    E-ring φ14.2mm * φ7.2mm*1.4
    Wire PVC 300mm
    Reed Switch Technical Parameters Contact Form (Optional) 2NC/2NO
    Certification RoHS
    Contact Power Rating 50W
    Max Switching Voltage 220V
    Breakdown Voltage 300V DC/AC
    Max Switching Current DC0.7A/ AC0.5A
    Max Carry Current 1.5A
    Max Contact Resistance 100mΩ
    Min Insulation Resistance 1010 Ω
    Get an electric shock life 107

    Dimensions (Units: mm)

    Dimension of stainless steel dual ball float level switch

    Movement Explanation

    When the float down to the D position, in the position between D=3±1mm, the reed switches will be closed. Float ball reverses the opposite action.

    Movement Explanation of Stainless Steel Dual Ball Float Level Switch

    Tips for using the float liquid level switch

    • Handle gently because the inside of the float level switch is a dry reed pipe which is fragile.
    • The temperature use of the plastic should be less than 80℃, and the stainless steel should be less than 150℃。
    • Avoid vibration, magnetic field or over the maximum temperature for a long time in the use environment.
    • Avoid to use this float sensor for the liquid that is too viscous.
    • Remove the dirt on the float switch regularly, the clean period depends on the medium.
    Existing reviews of Dual Ball Float Level Switch, Stainless Steel/ Plastic
    Works as expected.
    I use this dual ball float switch to control my well pump to fill our 500 gallon tank. This is the best thing I've ever bought! It works perfectly and has a nice buffer level between turning off and on.
    From: Bourdon | Date: 13/04/2022
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