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    Cable Float Switch for Water Tank, SPDT, 110/ 220V

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    Cable float switch is used for water tank, sump pump, well pump and so on. It is a liquid level sensor with SPDT (normal open and normal close) contact form, AC 110V ~ 220V, 50/60 Hz. The PVC cable length is customizable.
    SKU: ATO-HTM15-2
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    Full automatic cable float level switch can control water and drainage and prevent the water pump from dry burning, and it has good electrical properties and insulation.


    • PVC cable: It is made from non-toxic and odor free PVC material that is soft but anti-rupture, which has long life span.
    • Resistant to high temperature and corrosion: Our cable float level switch can work at 0-65℃ temperature and adapt to certain harsh environments.
    • With working principle diagram: The working principle diagram is on the heavy hammer for convenient debugging and installation.


    Model ATO-HTM15-2
    Rated Voltage AC 110V ~ 220V
    Contact Form SPDT (1NO + 1NC)
    Cable Length 2m (Default), 3m, 4m, 5m, 10m, 20m, 30m, Customizable
    Max. Current AC 16 (4)A
    Frequency 50/60 Hz
    Max. Using Temperature 60℃
    Material ABS
    Protection Degree IP 68

    Wiring Diagram

    Auto-fill-water mode:

    Cable Float Switch for Water Tank auto-fill-water Mode

    Auto-drainage and lack-water protection mode:

    Cable Float Switch for Water Tank Auto-drainage and Lack-water Protection Mode

    Dimensions (Units: mm)

    Dimensions of Cable Float Switch for Water Tank

    Tips: How to debug the float liquid level switch?

    The float liquid level switch only needs to recalibrate the water level before your install it, and itself cannot be adjusted. Then you need to use a multimeter to measure the state of the float switch. It will be on and off near the waterline along with the water level, which means it is normal. Make sure that the installation is consistent with the water level of the heating equipment. For example, the level switch is generally attached to the water level line on the wall of the cylinder. Soak the switch in the tank and let it slowly sink, so that the water is gradually close to the identification line. The sound of the micro switch action will be heard when it is closest to the line.

    The low level alarm is connected to the normally closed (NC), and the high level alarm is connected to the normally open (NO). The liquid level switch itself has more than two pairs of micro switches, respectively output two pairs of normally open and two pairs of normally closed contacts. In the application, it is usually "on the alarm".

    Existing reviews of Cable Float Switch for Water Tank, SPDT, 110/ 220V
    Easy to install, even for beginners
    I use it in my fish pond to turn off the water pump and the filter is leaking. If the water level drops below a certain level, the switch turns off the pump, which works great. Installation is easy, even for the first time.
    From: Jaxon | Date: 17/04/2022
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    This cable float switch is exactly what I want
    This little cable float switch is so perfect for my needs. I love it very much and it really helps me a lot.  The size, quality and the price all meet my requirements. Highly recommended. I will buy a second one cause my collegue really wants it.
    From: Jackson | Date: 15/03/2022
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