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    Magnetic Float Level Switch, Stainless Steel

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    Stainless steel magnetic float level switch, optional contact form 1NO or 1NC, is a liquid level sensor composed magnetic spring switch and floater to detecting the position of the liquid level, which is applied in water tank, air condition and chemical liquid level control.
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    Magnetic float liquid level switch is a compact size and highly reliable, which is widely applied in water fountain, air condition, humidifier, bathroom equipment, sale machine, oil tank and chemical liquid level control.


    Model ATO-FS-MRDZ1
    Basics Material Stainless Steel
    Float Pressure 0.7 MPa
    Applicable Temperature -40 ~ +125 ℃
    Withstand Voltage 1000V/10S
    Terminal Tensile Strength ≥2.2kg
    The Contact Resistance N/A
    Min Insulation resistance 100 mΩ
    Parts Float φ28*28mm
    Float Ball 10125
    Cap Nut M10*1.0mm
    O-ring φ14.3mm * φ8.7mm*2
    E-ring φ14.2mm * φ7.2mm*1.4
    Wire PVC 300mm
    Reed Switch Technical Parameters Contact Form (Optional) SPST 1NO/ 1NC
    Contact Power Rating 50W
    Max Switching Voltage DC350V/ AC300V
    Breakdown Voltage 600VDC
    Max Switching Current DC0.7A/ AC0.5A
    Max Carry Current 2.5A
    Max Contact Resistance 100mΩ
    Min Insulation Resistance 1010Ω
    Get an electric shock life 107

    Dimensions (Units: mm)

    Dimensions of Stainless Steel Magnetic Float Level Switch

    Tips: Float liquid level switch for water tank

    Generally, in the water treatment process, the water tank float level switch is directly related to the safety and reliability of the whole process. There are different types of water tank, including intermediate tank, backwash tank, production tank and waste tank. These tanks are different in size. These water tanks are controlled by float level switches. Different level switches will have different actions. But not a large water tank must be a few liquid level switch.

    In the production tank, there are two kinds of high level switch and low level switch. The high level switch can detect whether the tank is full or not. If it is full, the water production will stop. The low level switch is used to check whether the water in the tank is sufficient. If it is insufficient, no more water can be sent out.

    Existing reviews of Magnetic Float Level Switch, Stainless Steel
    Very happy with this purchase.
    I'm using this stainless steel magnetic float switch as a tank level control, going through an off-grid system in the winter, so there's some ice to deal with. It worked perfectly, the cable is better than most in the cold, will definitely buy another one, very happy with this purchase.
    From: Annette | Date: 13/04/2022
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    Good quality product for very reasonable price.
    I used this stainless steel float level switch for water detection in a basement. I’m quite pleased with its clean contact signal. Good quality product for very reasonable price.
    From: Donald | Date: 15/03/2022
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