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    How to Maintain a Magnetic Float Switch?

    The magnetic float level sensor is suitable for liquid level or interface measurement in open or closed pressure vessels. It is a float switch that uses a magnetic float as a sensing element, and reflects the measured liquid level or interface through the coupling between the magnetic float and the magnetic body in the display color bar. However, how to maintain a magnetic float level switch in winter?

    ATO magnetic float level sensorWrap the insulation cotton

    In the low temperature range of minus ten degrees, when the magnetic float switch is produced, a layer of thermal insulation cotton is directly wrapped around the main tube to achieve thermal insulation effect.

    Steam tracing

    That is, the use of pipe steam heating insulation. Check whether the steam insulation pipeline is unblocked or blocked before supplying steam with heat preservation in winter.

    The steam is open 24 hours a day, do not be too hot, and sometimes it is necessary to adjust the amount of heat preservation steam according to the change of weather temperature to prevent the temperature from being too high and causing the condensate in the pressure pipe of the transmitter to vaporize, which affects the work of the transmitter or because the temperature is too low. Freezing the condensate in the pressure pipe of the transmitter will affect the smooth operation of the transmitter.

    Insulation protection box

    1. The electric heating tube heating insulation box is composed of three parts: the box body, the heater and the instrument bracket. Its structure is the same as that of the protection box. The difference is that there is an electrical heating device in the box. The structure is shown in the figure. The electric heating device is composed of an electric heating tube and a temperature controller. The side of the box is equipped with a socket. After the power is turned on, when the box is heated to the required temperature, the temperature controller is turned on to continue to heat up. Through repeated work, the temperature in the box can be maintained within a certain range.
    2. Steam pipe heat tracing incubator, the heat tracing pipe is made of metal pipe into an S-shaped structure. The upper and lower parts of the box are welded by welding type thru-plate joints and heat tracing pipes. The heat tracing pipes are installed in the box for the top in and the bottom out, and the heating purpose is achieved through the circulation of steam in the tube cavity. Heat tracing pipe materials are generally divided into two types, namely copper pipe and seamless steel pipe (carbon steel).
    3. Add another layer of thermal insulation cotton to the key instrument box, and add glue to seal the door of the incubator box and the inlet and outlet pipelines, which can achieve better thermal insulation and antifreeze effect of the instrument system.

    Electric heat tracing

    Electric heat tracing technology is a new type of heating technology that directly converts electrical energy into thermal energy. Install insulation cable, wrap the heating cable around the instrument, or stick it inside the instrument cabinet.

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