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    How does a Vibration Meter Measure?

    A portable vibration meter is a simple instrument that can measure the vibration displacement, vibration velocity, and vibration acceleration of the equipment. It is generally used for equipment inspection. The portable vibration meter is small in size, light in weight and compact in structure. The instrument integrates the functions of multi-channel vibration acquisition, infrared temperature measurement and laser speed measurement, which not only meets the requirements of portable acquisition, but also realizes powerful on-site Data acquisition and machine failure analysis functions.

    So, how does a vibration meter measure the vibration? Today we choose the model ATO-VIBRO-GM63A of ATO vibration meter as examples to show you how to measure with the vibration meter.

    When purchasing this display controller, the package will come with the 9V alkaline battery, user manual & warranty card, vibration meter, and a long probe. Next we will show you the setting and measuring of the handheld vibration meter.

    Accessories of vibration meter

    Step 1:

    Install the battery into the meter, and then change the probe.

    Note: The vibration meter is equipped with two probes. The short probe is installed by default and suitable for wide scope vibration measurement. The long probe is mainly used for narrow objects or special areas. Similarly, we can use it for the smooth object surface measurement without probe.

    Step 2:

    • Press the "MEAS/ ON" key to turn it on.
    • The current battery level and measurement grade are shown on the left.
    • The measured value is displayed in the middle.
    • The measurement mode is shown on the right.

    Screen of vibration meter

    Step 3:

    • Press the "A/ V/ D" key to select the measurement mode.
    • mm/ s represents the velocity measurement mode.
    • mm represents the displacement measurement mode.
    • m/ s2 represents the acceleration measurement mode.
    • The "LO/ HI" key only works in the acceleration measurement mode, which is divided into low frequency measurement (10Hz~1kHz) and high frequency measurement (1kHz~10kHz).

    Step 4: Practical testing

    1. Choose the corresponding mode according to the physical quantity to be measured and the vibration frequency.

    Practical testing of vibration meter

    1. Press the "MEAS/ ON" key and press the meter against the measured object with a force of 500g~1kg.
    2. The measured value is displayed on the LCD screen. Releasing the "MEAS/ON" key, the current value is held on the screen.

    Practical testing of vibration meter

    You can watch the video below to know more details about how to measure vibration with a vibration meter.

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