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    How to Install Rotary Switch?

    Rotary switch, mainly suitable for AC 50Hz, rated working voltage 380V and below, DC voltage 220V and below, rated current up to 160A in the electrical circuit. Universal conversion is mainly used for conversion of all kinds of control lines, voltmeter, ammeter commutation measurement control, power distribution device line conversion and remote control, etc. Universal transfer switch can also be used for direct control of small capacity motor starting, speed and reversing.

    Rotary switch is a multi loop control appliance which is made up of several contact components of the same structure. It consists of operating mechanism, positioning device, contact, contact system, rotating shaft, handle and other components. The contact is in the insulating base, double breakpoint contact bridge structure, the moving contact is designed to automatically adjust to ensure the synchronization of on-off, static contact is installed in the contact seat. The use of CAM and bracket operation, control contact closure and disconnect.
    Rotary switch

    How to install rotary switch?

    1. TheĀ cam rotary switch should be installed horizontally on the panel, but it can also be tilted or vertically installed. The handle should be rotated horizontally as far as possible.

    2. Insert the panel of the rotary switch from the front of the panel and tighten the nut on the panel bolts to secure the panel to the panel. Remove the handle before installing the switch and then install the handle.

    3. Some models of switch is fixed on the screen, must be removed from the switch panel in advance and the fixed plate, and therefore should be to spin out the first three fixed flange with circular flange connection bolt contact box, then loosen the three hold-down bolts and turn the fixed plate, making the panels of cylindrical part four convex wedge spin out corresponding gaunt, since the fixed plate is easily out of panel. Insert the removed panel from the front of the panel into the hole already opened. From the back of the screen plate in the cylinder part of the panel is set on the wooden pad, and then screw on the flange, at the same time, screw the bolt in the horizontal direction, and install the switch. For more information on ATO rotary switch prices, please contact us.

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