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    Working Principle of the Rotary Switch

    Rotary switch is a switch that controls the opening and closing of the main contact by rotating the handle. There are also two types of rotary switch structure, unipolar, single-position structure and multi-pole, multi-position structure. Single-pole, single-position rotary switches are often used together with rotary potentiometers in operation. Multi-pole, multi-position rotary switches are mostly used to switch operating conditions.

    The working principle of the rotary switch is: change the resistance value within a range, and then there is a contact switch. This is the switch for the old TV and radio. The current electric fan has several gears, and several sets of lead wires connected to the fan winding. The speed is changed by changing the number of coils. The principle is similar to that of a potentiometer.

    Rotary switchThe main application range of rotary switch is rated voltage 380V, AC value 50Hz, DC voltage below 220V. In the rated current of 160A, this is the scope of application of the universal changeover switch. Because the line connected to the universal changeover switch has more terminals, its control direction is also more. Basically, the installation of a universal switch can solve the voltage and current conversion in the home without the need to configure other switches.

    Wiring method of the rotary switch

    As to the wiring method of rotary switch, this article takes automatic transfer switch as an example to introduce the wiring method of transfer switch. The automatic transfer switch has four gears: manual, automatic, bypass, and stop. The wiring method and wiring object of each gear are different. Facing the switch, there are four directions: left, right, up, and down. The wiring place is just behind the switch panel. First, the left, right, and up and down are divided into groups, and the wiring is performed by grouping the lines. This requires personnel experiments to understand the mystery in it.

    Technical characteristics of rotary switch

    The wiring of the rotary switch is more complicated, but the internal combination structure is relatively simple. It is mostly composed of an operating mechanism, an electric shock, a shaft, a handle, a pointing device, and a contact system, thereby facilitating a loop control circuit. The universal changeover switch is small in size and does not take up much space, and is generally concealed. However, it has more functions, can achieve universal conversion, better insulation performance, flexible conversion operation, compact structure, safe and reliable performance.

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