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    Working Principle of the Rotary Switch

    Rotary switch is a switch that controls the opening and closing of the main contact by rotating the handle. There are also two types of rotary switch structure, unipolar, single-position structure and multi-pole, multi-position structure. Single-pole, single-position rotary switches are often used together with rotary potentiometers in operation. Multi-pole, multi-position rotary switches are mostly used to switch operating conditions.

    Rotary Switch Price List

    Rotary switch is a multi-circuit control electrical appliance which is composed of multiple sets of contact components with the same structure. It consists of operating mechanism, positioning device, contacts, contact system, shaft, handle and other components. The contacts are in an insulated base, which is a double-break point contact bridge structure. The movable contacts are designed to be automatically adjusted to ensure the synchronization during opening and closing. The static contacts are installed in the contact base. It relies on cams and brackets to operate and control the closing and opening of contacts.