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    Rotary Switches Price List

    Rotary switches can be used to replace the rotary pulse generators of traditional resistive potentiometer analog functions. These rotary switches are usually used in the front panel of the instrument and the man-machine interface of the audio-visual control panel. TheĀ rotary switch uses a quadrature optical encoder as a purely digital device instead of an analog potentiometer, which is similar in appearance to a traditional or resistive potentiometer, and its internal structure is fully digital and uses optical technology. Below is the rotary switch price list.

    Price List

    Product Name Price SKU
    2 Position 20A Rotary Switch 3 Pole/4 Pole $58.46 ATO-WS3020
    2 Position 20A Rotary Switch, 4 Pole $59.13 ATO-LW26GS20
    2 Position 25A Rotary Switch, 4 Pole $61.53 ATO-LW26GS25
    2 Position 32A Rotary Switch 3 Pole/4 Pole $67.69 ATO-WS3032
    2 Position 32A Rotary Switch, 4 Pole $65.81 ATO-LW26GS32
    2 Position 40A Rotary Switch 3 Pole/4 Pole $68.72 ATO-WS3040
    2 Position 63A Rotary Switch 3 Pole/4 Pole $76.92 ATO-WS3063
    2 Position 63A Rotary Switch, 4 Pole $73.86 ATO-LW26GS63
    2 Position 80A Rotary switch 3 Pole/4 Pole $78.12 ATO-WS3080
    2 Position 100A Rotary Switch 3 Pole/4 Pole $99.86 ATO-WS30100
    2 Position 125A Rotary Switch, 4 Pole $101.53 ATO-LW26GS125
    2 Position 160A Rotary Switch, 4 Pole $104.61 ATO-LW26GS160

    Working principle

    Rotary switches are mainly installed on liquid and gas pipelines to adjust the flow and pressure of liquid and gas. When in use, turn the handle to drive the adjusting nut to rotate, connect the left-handed thread with the valve, and drive the valve to move to the right or left to change the cross-sectional area of the right hole passage in the valve body cavity, thereby adjusting the flow of liquid and gas in the upper outlet pipeline.2 position 160a rotary switch

    In a range, the resistance value is changed, and then there is a contact switch, which is the switch of old-fashioned TV sets and radios. The fan has several gears, and several sets of lead wires of the fan winding are connected, and then the speed vary with changing the number of turns of the coil. The rotary switch principle is similar to that of a potentiometer.


    The common band switch and the shift switch of the multi meter are all rotary switches, and there are two structures: one is the BBM contact type, which is characterized in that it is dynamically connected when the position is changed, and the front contact is disconnected first, and then connect the rear contact. There is a state in which the front and rear contacts are all disconnected. The other is the MBB contact type, which is characterized in that the moving contact is in contact with both the front and rear contacts when the position is changed, and then the front contact is disconnected to maintain contact with the rear contact. In the circuit design, the appropriate rotary switch should be selected according to the circuit application and circuit safety.

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