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    2 Position 40A Rotary Switch 3 Pole/4 Pole

    High quality changeover switch for sale, 40A, 2 position rotary switch is mainly used for AC 50Hz, can be used for main switch of ventilation equipment, air conditioning and water pump system, ideal for power switches in power lines.
    SKU: ATO-WS3040
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    Rotary switch for standard low voltage control/load switching and ultra low voltage and electronic applications, 3 pole/4 pole is optional, rated currrent 40 amp, long service life, manufacturer direct sales.


    Model ATO-WS3040
    Rated Thermal Current 40A
    Rated Working Voltage 240V 440V
    Rated Working Current AC-21A 40A 40A
    AC-22A 40A 40A
    AC-23A 30A, 7.5 kW 30A, 15 kW
    AC-3 22A, 7.5 kW 22A, 11 kW
    Pole 3 Pole/4 Pole
    Position 2 Position
    Type of Current AC 50Hz
    Positions of Main Contact On or Off
    Rated Duty 8 Hours every day, operational efficiency 30 times/hour


    1. Default version

    Rotary switch 3 pole dimensions.

    Overall Dimension (mm) Mounting Dimension (mm)
    A B C K L E F D1 D2
    64 50 64 16 67 48 48 φ10 φ4.2

    2. IP65 version

    IP65 rotary switch dimension

    Overall Dimension (mm) Mounting Dimension (mm)
    D3 D4 M N P A1 A2 B D2
    φ29 φ23 100 95 190 178 -- -- φ4.2

    Rotary Switch Diagram

    Rotary switch 3 pole 4 poleWorking Conditions

    1. The ambient air temperature ≤ +40 ° C, and the average temperature within 24 h ≤ +35 ° C.
    2. The lower limit of ambient air temperature ≤ -25 °C.
    3. The altitude of the installation location is ≤2000m.
    4. When the maximum temperature is +40 °C, the relative humidity of the air does not exceed 50%, and the higher relative humidity can be allowed at lower temperatures, for example, 90% at 20 °C. Special measures should be taken for condensation that occasionally occurs due to temperature changes.

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