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    Cordless Circular Saw Price List

    A cordless circular saw is a portable power tool used for cutting various materials, primarily wood, but also plastics, metal, and other materials. Unlike traditional circular saws, cordless circular saws are powered by rechargeable batteries, which make them more versatile and convenient for use in locations where access to electricity may be limited or inconvenient.

    We online store offers 3 1/8 inch, 6 1/2 inch, 7 1/4 inch, 7 1/2 inch, 9 1/4 inch, 10 1/4 inch cordless circular saws for your selection, and blade meters from 65mm to 260mm. Here is the price list:

    ATO Cordless Circular Saw Price List

    Product SKU Cutting Capacity (mm) Φ of Blade (mm) Price (USD)
    3 3/8 inch Cordless Circular Saw ATO-CCS-338 16.5 - 25.5 65 228.77
    6 1/2 inch Cordless Circular Saw ATO-CCS-612 38 - 40 165 837.69
    7 1/4 inch Cordless Circular Saw ATO-CCS-714 38 - 65 185 596.31
    7 1/2 inch Cordless Circular Saw ATO-CCS-712 49 - 68.5 190 520.77
    9 1/4 inch Cordless Circular Saw ATO-CCS-914 41 - 85 235 758.66
    10 1/4 inch Cordless Circular Saw ATO-CCS-1014 54.5 - 95 260 668.46

    Note: The prices in the table list are for reference only. If want to get current quotation and other customized products information, please contact us now. Generally, you can get a discount on

    Cordless circular sCordless circular saw imageaws offer the advantage of portability and freedom of movement without the constraints of a power cord. They are commonly used in construction, woodworking, and DIY projects for making straight cuts in a variety of materials. These cordless circular saws come in different sizes and power ratings to suit different cutting needs, from small, lightweight models for precise cuts to larger, more powerful saws for heavy-duty tasks.

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