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    6 1/2 inch Cordless Circular Saw

    6 1/2 inch cordless circular saw with affordable price for sale, 36V cordless circular saw with a blade diameter of 165mm, number of revolutions of 4800rpm. The small cordless circular saw is designed to dissipate heat in multiple places, and the exhaust vents speed up the heat dissipation performance of the machine.
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    A reliable price brushless circular saw with a cutting capacity of 38/40/56mm is available, vibration level is 2.5m/s² or less. The portable cordless circular saw can adjust the cutting depth to 0-50° for miter cutting, which is convenient for operation and handier to operate.


    • Multi-angle arbitrary cutting and free adjustment are more convenient.
    • Up to 165 cuts per charge.
    • The cordless circular saw can be connected to a vacuum cleaner for dust-free operation.
    • The battery pack provides 50% more power and runs 50% cooler, superior pack construction provides the industry's best protection against job site conditions.


    • Model: ATO-DSP600ZJ
    • Maximum output power: 1200W
    • Blade diameter: 165mm
    • Cutting capacity: 90°: 56mm, 45°: 40mm, 48°: 38mm
    • Number of revolutions: 2500-6300rpm
    • Vibration level: 2.5m/s² or less
    • Sound pressure level: 92 dB (A)
    • Sound power: 103dB (A)
    • Size: 356*217*198mm
    • Weight: 5.1 kg

    Note: The battery charger is sold separately, please contact us if necessary.


    6 1/2 inch cordless circular saw detail


    ATO circular saw is widely used in the woodworking industry, and carpentry to home repair, so it's an excellent item to have in your toolbox.

    Cordless circular saw application

    Tips: Why can't I cut straight with a circular saw?

    If your circular saw does not cut straight, one of the components on the saw may be loose, which will cause the saw to stray off course during the cut. The board may not be secured, and you may be making the cut freehand without the help of a guide to keep the saw tracking straight during the cut.
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