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    Angle Protractor Price List

    An angle protractor is a measuring tool used to determine or mark angles with precision and it is a branch of protractor. It typically consists of a flat, semi-circular or circular ruler with degree markings (usually ranging from 0 to 180 degrees or 0 to 360 degrees) and a center point or pivot that allows it to be rotated to measure or draw angles. There are various types of angle protractors, including: 180 degrees type、round head type、adjustable type and two arm type etc. Here is the price list of them.

    Angle Protractor Price List

    Product Size (mm) Total Body Length (mm) Diameter of Disc (mm) SKU Price (USD)
    180 Degrees Angle Protractor 120 * 200 267 120 ATO-AP-1200 13.96
    90 * 150 197 90 ATO-AP-150 9.68
    Round Head Angle Protractor 90 * 200 247 90 ATO-AP-200 11.86
    Adjustable Angle Protractor 200 * 400 505 200 ATO-AP-A400 37.65
    80 * 120 164 80 ATO-AP-A120 15.98
    Two Arm Angle Protractor 90 * 150 197 90 ATO-AP-TA150 19.86
    90 * 300 359 90 ATO-AP-TA300 29.67

    Advantages of Angle Protractor

    1. Accurate Angle Measurement:
      Angle protractors provide precise measurements of angles, allowing for accurate calculations and design work. This is particularly important in fields such as engineering and architecture where precision is crucial.Angle protractor

    2. Cost-Effective:
      Angle protractors are typically affordable and readily available in most stationery stores and hardware shops, making them a cost-effective tool for angle measurement.

    3. Easy to Use:
      Angle protractors are relatively simple to use. Just align the protractor with the two lines forming the angle, and you can easily read the measurement in degrees, making them accessible to people of all skill levels.

    Angle protractors are essential tools in mathematics, engineering, construction, woodworking, and many other fields where accurate angle measurements are required. Angle protractors are often used to create drawings, diagrams, or layouts, and they come in various sizes and materials, including plastic, metal, and digital versions.

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