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    Stepper Motor Drivers Price List

    As the core component for controlling stepper motors, stepper motor drivers play an important role in the field of automation. Their precise position control capability and relative simplicity of control make them the preferred choice in many applications, driving innovation and development in a wide range of industries.

    A stepper motor driver is a key electronic device used to control the motion of a stepper motor. It achieves precise positional and angular control by precisely delivering current to the individual windings of the stepper motor, causing it to rotate in predetermined steps. Stepper motor drivers typically use advanced Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) technology to convert digital signals into current pulses suitable for motor operation, resulting in highly controllable motion. offers you different types of stepper motor drivers, such as closed-loop, digital, bipolar stepper motor drivers, or stepper motor drivers such as DC, micro-stepping, and other stepper motor drivers. Stepper motor drivers are used to control the motion of stepper motors in many applications such as printers, CNC machines, robots, etc. They convert current into a voltage signal. It converts the current into a voltage signal to precisely control each step of the motor movement. The driver provides fine stepping to ensure highly accurate positioning and smooth motion. Ideal for scenarios that require open-loop control without the need for a feedback system. Next, we will provide you with a price list of stepper motor drivers on the ATO Store website.

    ATO Stepper Motor Drivers Price List

    Product Name Price SKU
    2 phase Stepper Motor Drive
    Closed Loop Stepper Motor Driver, 0.1A ~ 4A $97.59 ATO-STEP-B504T
    Bipolar Stepper Driver for Nema 23, 34 Stepper Motor $121.86 ATO-STEP-D2334
    Bipolar Stepper Motor Driver, DC 20-30V $96.46 ATO-STEP-D2030
    Closed Loop Stepper Motor Driver, 1A ~ 6A $103.89 ATO-STEP-B506T
    Closed Loop Stepper Motor Driver, 2A ~ 8A $115.39 ATO-STEP-B808T
    DC Digital Stepper Motor Driver 1-4.2A 20-50V $122.62 ATO-STEP-D2050
    Digital Stepper Driver 2-6A for Nema 23, 34, 42 Stepper Motor $163.08 ATO-STEP-D26A2334
    Digital Stepper Driver 80-220V AC for Nema 34 Stepper Motor $215.85 ATO-STEP-D80220
    Digital Stepper Driver for Nema 11, 14, 17 Stepper Motor $89.54 ATO-STEP-D1114
    Digital Stepper Motor Driver, DC 18V ~ 36V $59.37 ATO-STEP-M302A
    Digital Stepper Motor Driver, DC 24-70V $106.35 ATO-STEP-D2470
    Digital Stepper Motor Driver, DC 24V ~ 50V $91.39 ATO-STEP-M504T
    Digital Stepper Motor Driver, DC 24V ~ 80V $121.69 ATO-STEP-M808T
    Microstep Driver 20-50V for Nema 17, 23 Stepper Motor $85.69 ATO-STEP-D205017
    3 phase Stepper Motor Drive
    Digital Stepper Motor Driver, AC 180V ~ 230V $264.29 ATO-STEP-M2207T
    Digital Stepper Motor Driver, AC 90V ~ 230V $211.29 ATO-STEP-M2205T
    Digital Stepper Motor Driver, AC 100V-220V, 2-7.5A $226.47 ATO-STEP-D100220
    Digital Stepper Driver for Nema 34, 42 Stepper Motor $231.36 ATO-STEP-D3442

    Stepper Motor Driver Main Structure

    • Loop Distributor: Generates the switching waveform signal processing of the stepper motor in different states according to the requirements of the input signal.The PWM modulation of the switching signal waveform generated by the loop distributor and the filtering and shaping of the related waveforms.
    • Promotion Stage: Amplify the voltage and current of the switching signal to enhance the main switching circuit, and use the power components to directly control the winding of each phase of the stepper motor.
    • Protection Circuit: Generate a shutdown signal to shut down the main circuit when the winding current is too large to protect the stepper motor driver and stepper motor winding.
    • Sensor: Real-time monitoring of the position and angle of the steeper motor and the generation of signals back to the device.

    Main Advantages

    1. Precise Positioning: Stepper motor drivers can convert rotary motion into precise angular or positional changes, making them useful in applications that require high-precision positioning, such as CNC machine tools, printing equipment, and more.
    2. Open-loop Control: Stepper motor drives typically operate with open-loop control, which means they do not require a feedback device (such as an encoder) to confirm position. This simplifies system design and reduces costs.
    3. Simple Drive Solutions: Stepper motor drivers only need to provide the appropriate pulse signals to achieve precise stepping motion. This simple stepper motor drive reduces system complexity and minimizes commissioning and maintenance.
    4. High Torque at Low Speeds: Stepper motors still provide high torque at low speeds, making them suitable for situations where heavy loads need to be initiated or friction needs to be overcome, such as in medical equipment and textile machinery.
    5. Zero Drift: Stepper motor drives typically do not experience position drift when stopped because their position is based on pulse counting. This is important in applications where the position needs to remain stable.
    6. Low Power Consumption: Stepper motors consume less energy at a standstill than other types of motors, which helps to save energy and reduce heat generation.
    7. Fast Response Time: Stepper motors can respond to pulse signals in a very short time, resulting in fast and accurate position changes. This is beneficial for applications that require frequent position changes.
    8. High Reliability: Since stepper motor drivers do not involve wearing parts (such as brushes), they have a long life and require less maintenance.
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