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    DC Digital Stepper Motor Driver 1-4.2A 20-50V, 2 phase

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    ATOSH2404 is digital 2-phase stepper motor driver, using the latest 32 dsp technology, DC 20-50V power supply, suitable for any small and medium automatic equipment. Capable of driving Nema 17, 23 closed-loop hybrid 2 phase stepper motors.
    SKU: ATO-STEP-D2050
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    2-phase digital stepper driver, 20-50V DC, 1-4.2A for Nema 17, 23 2 phase stepper motor, manufacturer direct sale.


    Basics Information
    Model ATOSH2404
    Size 118 x 75.5 x 34 mm
    Phase 2
    Material Stainless Steel
    Mounting Hole Distance 112 mm
    Max Input Frequency 200 KHz
    Input Voltage Range 20-50V DC
    Output Current 1-4.2 A
    Control Mode Step & Direction
    Function Description
    Functions Operation Instructions
    Signal Interface PUL PUL+ is the positive end of the control pulse signal PUL- is the negative end of the control pulse signal
    DIR DIR+ is the positive end of directional signal DIR- is the negative end of directional signal
    ENA ENA+ is the positive end of enabling signal ENA+ is the negative end of enabling signal
    Motor Interface A A+ is connected with the positive end of the A phase winding of the stepping motor A- is connected with the negative end of the A phase winding of the stepping motor
    B B+ is connected with the positive end of the B phase winding of the stepping motor B- is connected with the negative end of the B phase winding of the stepping motor
    When the A and B two phase windings are switched, the motor direction is reversed
    Indicator Light 1. The green light is the power indicating lamp. When the drive is powered on, the green light is always on. 2. The red light is the fault indicating lamp. When the overvoltage and overcurrent faults occur, the trouble lamp is always on.
    Note: The default input signal is 5V pulse signal. When 24V input signal is required, please in series with1.8-2kΩ resistance.

    Switch of Options

    Peak Output Current REF Output Current SW1 SW2 SW3
    1A 0.71A ON ON ON
    1.46A 2.86A OFF ON ON
    1.91A 3.43A ON OFF ON
    2.37A 4A OFF OFF ON
    3.84A 4.57A ON ON OFF
    3.31A 5.14A OFF ON OFF
    3.76A 5.71A ON OFF OFF
    4.2A 3A OFF OFF OFF

    Micro Step Selection

    400 OFF ON ON ON
    800 ON OFF ON ON
    1600 OFF OFF ON ON
    3200 ON ON OFF ON
    6400 OFF ON OFF ON
    12800 ON OFF OFF ON
    25600 OFF OFF OFF ON
    1000 ON ON ON OFF
    2000 OFF ON ON OFF
    4000 ON OFF ON OFF
    5000 OFF OFF ON OFF
    8000 ON ON OFF OFF
    10000 OFF ON OFF ON
    20000 ON OFF OFF OFF
    25000 OFF OFF OFF OFF

    Driver Wiring Diagram
    SH2404 wiring
    Installation Size (Unit: mm)
    Dsp57 dimension
    Tips: Low frequency characteristics of servo motor and stepper motor
    Stepper motors are prone to low-frequency vibration at low speed. Vibration frequency is connected with load conditions and drive performance. Meanwhile, it is generally considered to be half the motor's take-off frequency in no-load condition. This low-frequency vibration, which is determined by the working principle of the stepping motor, is very unfavorable for the normal operation of the machine. When the stepper motor works at low speed, damping technology (such as adding a damper on the motor, or the use of subdivision technology on the drive) should generally be used to overcome the phenomenon of low frequency vibration. The AC servo motor operates very smoothly and does not vibrate even at low speeds.
    AC servo system with resonance suppression function can cover the lack of mechanical rigidity, and the system has a frequency analysis function (FFT), which can detect the mechanical resonance point and is convenient for system adjustment.

    Existing reviews of DC Digital Stepper Motor Driver 1-4.2A 20-50V, 2 phase
    Stepper motor drivers work really well for my needs
    I've purchased 3 of these stepper driver to drive 2 phase Nema 23 stepper motors off of a GT2560 controller board for a mega sized homemade corexy 3D printer. All worked as expected, no complaints.
    From: Nichols | Date: 18/10/2018
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