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    Bipolar Stepper Motor Driver, 2 phase, DC 20-30V

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    ATOSH215B is bipolar 2-phase microstep motor driver, it is widely used in middle and big size numerical control devices such as curving machine, CNC machine, and computer embroider machine, packing machines and so on. Capable of driving Nema 11, 14, 17 open-loop hybrid 2 phase stepper motors.
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    2-phase bipolar microstep motor driver, DC 20-30V, 0.31-1.68A for Nema 11, 14, 17 2 phase stepper motor, manufacturer direct sale.


    • Input voltage 20-36 VC, typical value is 24V, chopping frequency is greater than 35KHz.
    • Input signal is compatible with TTL, can drive two or four phase hybrid stepping motor.
    • Bipolar constant current chopper, photoelectric isolation signal input, when the pulse signal to stop delay 1 s, motor current automatically by half, can reduce fever.
    • Fine fraction optional: 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, drive current can be set by the switch. The largest drive current of 1.68 A/phase.
    • CP side for the pulse signal, falling edge effectively, greater than 5 μs falling edge pulse time, the signal logic input current of 10 mA-25 mA. DIR end as the direction of control signal, review dictates the motor running direction.
    • ENA terminal for the drive enable, high or floating motor can run. Low-level driver output current, the motor is in a free state.


    Basics Information
    Model ATOSH215B
    Phase 2
    Weight 0.25 kg
    Supply Power DC 20-30V
    Chopping Frequency > 35KHz
    Output Current 0.31-1.68 A
    Operation Environment Temperature -5℃~+40℃
    Humidity <80% RH
    Vibration 5.9m/s(Max.)
    Storage Environment Temperature -40℃~+55℃
    Humidity <93% RH
    Function Description
    Functions Operation Instructions
    Signal Interface PUL PUL+ is the positive end of the control pulse signal PUL- is the negative end of the control pulse signal
    DIR DIR+ is the positive end of directional signal DIR- is the negative end of directional signal
    ENA ENA+ is the positive end of enabling signal ENA+ is the negative end of enabling signal
    Motor Interface A A+ is connected with the positive end of the A phase winding of the stepping motor A- is connected with the negative end of the A phase winding of the stepping motor
    B B+ is connected with the positive end of the B phase winding of the stepping motor B- is connected with the negative end of the B phase winding of the stepping motor
    When the A and B two phase windings are switched, the motor direction is reversed
    Indicator Light 1. The green light is the power indicating lamp. When the drive is powered on, the green light is always on. 2. The red light is the fault indicating lamp. When the overvoltage and overcurrent faults occur, the trouble lamp is always on.
    Note: The default input signal is 5V pulse signal. When 24V input signal is required, please in series with1.8-2kΩ resistance.

    Switch of Options
    SH215-B switch of options

    Wiring Diagram
    SH215 B wiring diagram
    Installation Size (Unit: mm)
    sh 215b dimension


    2 Phase Bipolar Stepper Motor Driver 20-30v Details

    Tips: Stepper motor needs stepper driver to drive

    The operation of a stepper motor needs to be driven by a pulse-distributing power-type electronic device, i.e. a stepper motor driver. It receives pulse signals from a control system and distributes the pulses in sequence according to structural characteristics of the stepper motor to realize control of angular displacement, rotation speed, rotation direction, brake load state and free state. Each time the control system sends a pulse signal, the driver can drive the stepper motor to rotate by a step angle. The rotate speed of a stepper motor is proportional to the frequency of pulse signals. The amount of angular displacement is related to the number of pulses. When the stepper motor stops rotating, two states below can be generated: brake load leading to maximum or partial holding torque (generally called brake hold, without electromagnetic braking or mechanical braking) and the rotor in a free state (driven by external thrust force to easily rotate).
    The stepper motor driver must match the model of the stepper motor. Otherwise, both of them may be damaged.

    Existing reviews of Bipolar Stepper Motor Driver, 2 phase, DC 20-30V
    Work great!
    Had the motor going in under10 minutes. Just get the current specs on your stepper motor and set the dip switches on the box end. Hook up an external power source to the box and the 4 motor leads. Then it can do a good job.
    From: George | Date: 28/04/2022
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