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    Digital Protractor Price List

    Protractor is an angle measuring tool that uses the principle of vernier reading to directly measure the angle of a workpiece or to draw lines. It is suitable for measuring internal and external angles in mechanical processing. It can be divided into several categories based on its design, function, and display method: digital display type, dial type, and vernier type. In this article, ATO lists the available digital display protractor for you to choose from according to your needs.

    Digital Protractor Price List

    Product SKU Measuring Range Accuracy Display Resolution Price (USD)
    Angle Finder Protractor, 200mm ATO-DP-200 0 ~ 360° ± 0.3°  - 135.96
    Angle Finder Protractor, 300mm ATO-DP-300 0 ~ 360° ± 0.3°  - 145.97
    Angle Finder Protractor, 500mm ATO-DP-500 0 ~ 360° ± 0.3°  - 135.96
    Protractor with Bubble Level ATO-DP-992 0 ~ 360° 0° ~ ± 225° 0.02° 213.86
    Magnetic Protractor ATO-DP-3600 0 ~ 361° 0.05° 4 x 90° 135.96
    Protractor with Backlight, Dual Axis ATO-DP-160S ± 40°  ± 0.2° 0.02° 135.99
    Protractor with Backlight, Single Axis ATO-DP-160 4 x 90° ± 0.2° 0.05° 159.86
    Mini Backlight Digital Protractor ATO-DP-569L 0 ~ 360° ± 0.1° 0.1° 29.86

    Note: The prices in the table are just for your reference. If you want to get the latest quotation, please feel free to contact us. Generally, it's cheaper than the price in the table.

    Digital Protractor Advantages

    1. High precision: Digital protractors usually have higher measurement accuracy and can achieve angular resolution as small as fractional degrees or smaller.Digital protractor

    2. Digital display: The digital protractor uses a digital display screen to display the measurement results, which makes the reading more intuitive and accurate, reducing the possibility of human error.

    3. Measurement at actual time: The digital protractor can immediately display the measurement results without waiting for the dial to stop shaking or the pointer to stabilize, which saves time for us.

    4. Durability: Digital angle rulers are usually made of sturdy materials and designs, with a long service life and are not easily affected by environmental conditions.

    A protractor is a simple and effective tool for measuring angles, which operates based on the fundamental principles of triangles. Different types of protractor have different advantages and uses, and can be selected according to different application scenarios. Whether it is measuring construction, mechanical processing, or other engineering projects, protractors are one of the indispensable tools.

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