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    Turbidity Meter Price List

    Turbidity meters can be divided into portable, desktop, and online turbidity meters.Benchtop turbidity meter Benchtop is generally used for laboratory turbidity detection; Portable meters and online turbidity meters are generally used for on-site testing. Portable for discontinuous detection, online turbidity meter for continuous and on-site turbidity monitoring. It can continuously monitor turbidity in real-time and is generally used in waterworks, sewage plants, channels, water conservancy facilities, flood control monitoring, water tanks, and other places. ATO Store has listed the prices of turbidimeters according to different measurement ranges, which can help you choose the right turbidimeter for your needs.

    Price List for Turbidity Meter

    Product SKU Measurement Range (NTU) Measurement Accuracy Price (USD)
    Portable turbidity meter ATO-PTM-20B 0 - 20 0.01 299.86
    ATO-PTM-50B 0 - 50 0.01 432.69
    ATO-PTM-200B 0 - 200 0.01 528.98
    ATO-PTM-400B 0 - 400 0.01 687.59
    ATO-PTM-1000B 0 - 1000 0.01 875.69
    Benchtop turbidity meter ATO-BTM-20A 0 - 20 0.01 312.68
    ATO-BTM-50A 0 - 50 0.01 496.82
    ATO-BTM-200AS 0 - 200 0.01 528.99
    ATO-BTM-400A 0 - 400 0.01 699.87

    Turbidity meters have a wide range of applications, including but not limited to:

    1. Drinking water and sewage treatment
    2. Industrial process control
    3. Environmental monitoring
    4. laboratory study

    The selection of turbidity meters should be determined based on the specific application requirements and the properties of the measured liquid. Different instruments can be suitable for turbidity measurement in different ranges. Turbidity meters play an important role in ensuring water quality, industrial production, and environmental monitoring.

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