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    0-400 NTU Handheld Digital Turbidity Meter

    The handheld digital turbidity meter comes with a measurement range of 0-400 NTU, and has a high-precision optical system, which can effectively improve the accuracy of test results. Small size digital turbidity meter is widely used in sewage treatment, pharmaceutical, water quality testing and other fields.
    SKU: ATO-PTM-400B
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    Buy online a portable digital turbidity meter for the laboratory, it has a measuring range of 0-400 NTU, a display value accuracy class of 0.1. Handheld water turbidimeters are constructed of rugged materials to withstand harsh field conditions to ensure durability and longevity.


    • Model: ATO-SGZ-400B
    • Measurement Principle: 90° scattered light
    • Measurement Range: 0-400 NTU
    • Measurement Accuracy: 0.01
    • Stability: ±1.5% (F.S 30min)
    • Zero Drift: ±1.5% (F.S 30min)
    • Repeatability (Linearity Error): ≤2%
    • Value Error (Basic Error): ±6%


    • The portable turbidity meter with blue backlit LCD display makes reading more comfortable.
    • Digital turbidity meter measuring range 0-400 NTU, accuracy 0.1.
    • High precision optical circuit system ensures correct and repeatable measurement.
    • Stable circuit system and efficient long-life light source ensure the digital water turbidity meter works stably for a long time.
    • The handheld turbidity meter has a low voltage indication function to remind users to replace the battery in time.


    Turbidity meters are widely used in various fields for measuring and monitoring suspended particles or sediment levels in liquids. Additionally, turbidity meters are employed in industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and wastewater treatment to ensure product quality and process control.

    Turbidity meter applications

    Tips: Can turbidity meters measure both low and high turbidity levels?

    Yes, turbidity meters are designed to measure both low and high turbidity levels. Turbidity meters are instruments used to quantify the amount of suspended particles or solids present in a liquid, which can affect the clarity and transparency of the liquid. Turbidity is typically measured in nephelometric turbidity units (NTU) or formazin turbidity units (FTU).

    Turbidity meters utilize various techniques to measure turbidity, such as nephelometry or infrared light scattering. These techniques can accurately detect and measure a wide range of turbidity levels, from very low levels of turbidity, such as in drinking water or ultrapure water applications, to very high levels of turbidity, such as in wastewater or sediment-laden rivers.

    To measure low turbidity levels, turbidity meters employ sensitive sensors and detectors that can detect even minute changes in light scattering caused by the presence of small particles. On the other hand, for high turbidity levels, turbidity meters may utilize a different measuring range or higher sensitivity to accurately capture the scattered light intensity resulting from larger suspended particles.

    It's important to note that different turbidity meters may have different measurement ranges and sensitivities. Therefore, it's advisable to choose a turbidity meter that is appropriate for the specific turbidity levels you intend to measure.

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