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    Hydraulic Bottle Jack Price List

    A hydraulic bottle jack is a mechanical device used for lifting heavy objects, such as vehicles, machinery, or other loads, by applying force through the use of hydraulic pressure. It consists of a cylindrical housing (the "bottle") with a hydraulic ram or piston inside. The price of a hydraulic bottle jack can vary significantly depending on several factors, including the brand, lifting capacity, quality, and where you purchase it.Despite the different prices on the market, ATO store will provide you with the best value for your cost!

    ATO Hydraulic Bottle Jack Price List

    Product SKU Tonnage Effective Area (mm) Height (mm) Price (USD)
    10 ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack ATO-HBJ-10 10 15.89 156 122.44 - 232.50
    20 ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack ATO-HBJ-20 20 33.16 156 171.82 - 419.55
    30 ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack ATO-HBJ-30 30 33.16 162 241.12 - 488.85
    50 ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack ATO-HBJ-50 50 78.5 162 301.96 - 623.42
    100 ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack ATO-HBJ-100 100 143.06 172 473.88 - 795.34
    150 ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack ATO-HBJ-150 150 / 180 943.79 - 1621.85
    200 ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack ATO-HBJ-200 200 302.5 202 1126.60 - 1804.66

    Note: The prices in the table list are for reference only. If want to get current quotation and other customized products information, please contact us now. Generally, you can get a discount on

    Scope of Application of Hydraulic Bottle Jack:

    1. Hydraulic bottle jack is used for machine tool machinery, ship repair and bridge construction and other kinds of heavy equipment installation and maintenance.
    2. Hydraulic bottle jack is suitable for various tower cranes for construction.Hydraulic bottle jack image
    3. Hydraulic bottle jack is also especially suitable for the construction of large bridges and dams and other ultra-long span structures.
    4. Hydraulic bottle jacks are widely used for steel structures and mechanical equipment in metallurgy, electric power, chemical industry and other enterprises.
    5. Hydraulic bottle jack can be operated instead of ordinary socket type or bolted special tools.

    Hydraulic bottle jacks are commonly used in automotive repair shops, garages, and industrial settings for tasks like lifting vehicles, machinery, and heavy equipment. At the same time, jack are known for their compact design and high lifting capacity, making them versatile and useful tools for various applications. Please feel free to contact us to get more information about our jack!

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