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    10 Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack

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    Portable hydraulic jack for sale online. It is a 10 ton bottle jack that can lift objects efficiently and safely. With a matched hydraulic pump, hydraulic bottle jack is widely used in foundation settlements and bridges.
    SKU: ATO-HBJ-10
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    Get a low-price hydraulic jack for lifting objects efficiently and safely. Smaller size and greater working capacity, especially in the narrow space position. 10 ton hydraulic bottle jack works with a matched hydraulic pump more efficiently.


    • Hydraulic bottle jack with 10 ton capacity is designed for lifting heavy loads.
    • Blackening of the plunger surface to protect the using of the longevity of the product.
    • The plunger has the function of retracting automatically.
    • The joint of the hydraulic bottle jack adopts a threader ZG3/8" fast connector, thread locking, and compact structure.
    • 10 ton hydraulic jack is suitable for a variety of environments, commonly used in electric power, chemical industry, steel, machinery, industry and so on.


    Hydraulic Bottle Jack Model ATO-FCY-10100
    Tonnage 10 ton
    Self Height 156mm
    Stroke 100mm
    Outer Diameter 63mm
    Inner Diameter 38mm
    Weight 3.5kg
    Effective Area 15.89cm
    Matched Hydraulic Pump CP-180
    Matched Hydraulic Jack Pump Model ATO-CP-180
    High Pressure 600kg/cm2
    Low Pressure -
    High Pressure Flow 2CC
    Oil Storage Capacity 400CC
    Low Pressure Flow -
    Weight 4kg


    Hydraulic jack details


    • This hydraulic jack is not recommended for cars.
    • In order to operate correctly all cylinders need to be connected to a solid lifting surface.
    • Cylinder damage can result from the use of cylinders on sandy, earthen or loose surfaces.Notes of hydraulic jacks


    At present, 10 to 200 ton hydraulic jacks are widely used in power maintenance, bridge maintenance, heavy lifting, static pile pressing, foundation settlement and bridge, especially in road and railway construction, mechanical adjustment, and equipment dismantling.

    Hydraulic jack applications

    Tips: What is a hydraulic jack?

    A hydraulic jack refers to a jack that uses a plunger or a hydraulic cylinder as a rigid jack. It is compact in structure, stable in operation and strong in support. ATO provides 10 ton to 200 ton hydraulic jacks, with strong support capacity, commonly used in electric power, chemical industry, steel, machinery, industry, etc.

    Hydraulic bottle jack dimensions

    SKU Tonnage (t) Self Height (mm) Stroke (mm) Outer Diameter (mm) Inner Diameter (mm) Weight (kg)
    ATO-HBJ-10 10 156 100 63 38 3.5
    ATO-HBJ-20 20 156 100 84 50 6.2
    ATO-HBJ-30 30 162 100 104 60 9.6
    ATO-HBJ-50 50 162 100 128 80 12.6
    ATO-HBJ-100 100 172 100 178 110 26.5
    ATO-HBJ-150 150 180 100 205 135 50
    ATO-HBJ-200 200 202 100 238 160 65
    Existing reviews of 10 Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack
    Just what I needed
    I needed a hydraulic bottle jack for some bridge maintenance work and this one did not disappoint. It's easy to use, lifts material effortlessly, just what I want.
    From: Margaret | Date: 30/03/2023
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    Is there any indication on hydraulic jack to show force applied?
    I need the machine to pushing back shoring wall. This is because the project is located just next to railway.
    Queensland railway only allow 3mm behind the shoring wall. Control shoring wall deflection is criterion.
    Therefore, the jack have to do pushing in a horizontal direction and quite a few Jacks are required on this tall building.
    Does the jack can be laid on horizontal direction to do such pushing?
    Is there any indication on this jack to show force applied?
    From: ronnie | Date: 01/03/2023
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    ATO Responded
    Sorry, our hydraulic Jack is not suitable for such application scheme.
    It can be mounted horizontally, but there isn't any indication on this jack to show force applied.
    Worth buying jack
    The jack is built with high-quality materials and feels sturdy and durable. Lightweight and easy to transport. It's a great investment that will pay off in the long run. Will recommend.
    From: Quinn | Date: 14/02/2023
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