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    Heat Gun Price List

    A heat gun is a tool that can convert electrical energy into heat energy, and is widely used in a variety of scenarios that require heating, such as soldering of electronic components, heating of plastic parts, and drying of wood. The working principle of the heat gun is to heat the air through a heating element (usually a resistance wire), and then the heated air is sprayed out through a nozzle, and the temperature of the sprayed air is controlled by adjusting the temperature control device on the heat gun, which helps the user to control the temperature more accurately according to different application scenarios.

    Heat gun product
    On the one hand, compared with the traditional heating method, the heat gun can generate a large amount of heat in a short period of time, which improves work efficiency and is more energy efficient and reduces energy consumption. On the other hand, the temperature can be controlled, and its safety is higher. ATO Industrial Automation provides detailed price lists to introduce the three types of products available: The basic model, the model with LCD display function, and the model with memory function.

    Heat Gun Price List

    SKU Power (w) Temperature Range (°C) Air Output ( L/min) Price
    ATO-HG-8716E 1600 50-550 500 $69.78
    ATO-HG3316S 1600 100-480 350 $79.86
    ATO-HG6617S 1800 100-480 350 $69.78
    ATO-HG6618ES 1800 100-480 350 $82.79
    ATO-HG6618S 1800 100-480 350 $72.69
    ATO-HG3320ES 2000 50-550 350 $96.76
    ATO-HG8720 2000 50-650 500 $96.76

    Note: The prices in the table list are for reference only. If want to get current quotation and other customized products information, please contact us now. Generally, you can get a discount on

    Precautions for Using a Heat Gun

    When using a heat gun, special attention should be paid to safety issues, as high temperatures may cause burns or damage certain materials. Correctly select and use a heat gun to ensure work efficiency and personal safety.

    1. Choose a heat gun with a power cord and plug that meets national safety standards to avoid accidents such as short circuits or fires. Users should regularly check the various components of the heat gun, especially the wires and plugs, to ensure their normal operation and safety.
    2.  When using a heat gun, users should wear appropriate protective gloves and goggles to avoid burns and eye injuries, and also pay attention to people around them.
    3. Users need to aim the heat gun at the area they want to heat or weld, and control the temperature and heating time, but should also be careful to avoid blowing hot air at the same part for a long time to avoid local overheating or burns. The use time should also be reasonably controlled according to the specific situation to avoid overheating or damage to the equipment.
    4.  After use, the power should be turned off in time, and the heat gun should be stored after it cools down naturally, and placed in a dry, clean place away from oil or gas.
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